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Take a Stab At
Take a Stab At English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘Take a Stab At’

Date: Dec 15 2015

Themes: Hobbies, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Future in the Past


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Trying new things is often difficult. You must learn a lot about something to do it well. For example, scrapbooking is now a popular hobby. Many people enjoy putting their favorite photos into a special book. Then, they use colorful paper and pens to make the book beautiful. It’s a cool hobby, but many people don’t want to go there because it is also a lot of work. Some people take a stab at it and then quit.

When you take a stab at something, you try it. You could take a stab at starting a business with a business partner. You may or may not be successful, but you will learn many things. You also take a stab at something when you guess. For example, your teacher might ask you a question that you don’t understand. You don’t know the correct answer, but you can take a stab at it and guess.

Romeo was going to take a stab at asking Jessica out today, but his plans are changing quickly. Find out his story in today’s English lesson about new experiences.

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Romeo:  Hey, man. How’s it going?

Brian:  Hey! What’s up? I haven’t seen you for a while.

Romeo:  I’ve been busy with a new hobby.

Brian:  Really? What’s that?

Romeo:  I’m taking a stab at scrapbooking.

Brian:  Shut up. No, you’re not.

Romeo:  OK, you’re right! I’m not. But seriously… I was going to go get a haircut, but I decided to stop by and say hi instead.

Brian:  It’s really good to see you. Thanks for those premiere passes.

Romeo:  No worries. Who was that woman that I met that day? Jennifer?

Brian:  Jessica.

Romeo:  Right… Jessica. She was cool.

Brian:  Yeah, Jessica’s great. We’re really lucky to have her.

Romeo:  And she was cute, too.

Brian:  Why, yes. Yes, she is.

Romeo:  What?

Brian:  You didn’t come here to see me. You came here to see Jessica.

Romeo:  What? No! OK… I was going to ask her out. Do you think I should take a stab at it?

Brian:  Dude, you know my business partner and best friend, Gary? He and Jessica used to date, and it was serious. They never talk about it, so no one knows their story.

Romeo:  Oh. So, you think I shouldn’t go there.

Brian:  You know what? Let me look into it for you.

Romeo:  OK. Thanks, friend. I’ll call you.

Brian:  See you.


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Romeo visits the StarScoop.com office because he wants to see Jessica again. Jessica isn’t in the office, but Brian is. Brian hasn’t seen Romeo in a while, and Romeo makes a joke about having a new hobby. He says that he’s been scrapbooking, but Brian knows that this is a joke. He’s happy to see Romeo and thanks him for the premiere passes.

Romeo asks Brian about Jessica because he liked her a lot. In fact, he was going to take a stab at asking her out. Brian tells Romeo that his business partner, Gary, dated Jessica in the past. They had a serious relationship, but it is over now. Brian doesn’t know their story, but he tells Romeo that he will look into it.

Did you ever take a stab at asking someone out? What do you want to take a stab at next?



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WordsmithSuper Member!

United States

Sometimes, I am nervous to take a stab at a new activity. But if I try, I usually enjoy it.

06:07 PM Dec 15 2015 |


United States

Techonologies have been changing humans’ life rapidly . What do you take a stab at human’s life in the next 10 years from now ? It is hard to predict , right ? I could tell that we would have flying cars ; driveless cars ; and some people wear stuffs like robots or borges … lol 

04:03 PM Dec 15 2015 |



Scrapbooking was very famous in the past , to make a beautiful album with photos,colorful pens,newspapers pics and letters…it was nice hobby too, to keep special days,celebrations,holidays memories :))) 

in today, people have different hobbies.for exp, to go Gym ,exercies ,fitness saloons :)

And ,to  success something we have to try it ..Nothing is possible without efforts.

01:14 PM Dec 15 2015 |

lizaolamaribel@yahoo.comSuper Member!

United States

When I was offered to be supervisor  I was afraid at it ,but I decided to take  a stable at.

10:42 AM Dec 15 2015 |



There had been a big moment in Paris that we called it the take a stab at climate change , reduce emissions which has been prouducing by fuel fossilses and factories , and so on … .
The environment organizations and the people are collaborating to push their government to take stab at this vitual decision .
As singed the agreement by all governments but we have to keep going to do end of 2025 .

04:15 AM Dec 15 2015 |

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