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Food Carts
Food Carts

Learn English meaning of 'food carts'

Date: Dec 10 2019

Themes: Food, Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Adverbs


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Do you and your friends ever eat street food? The new trend is to eat street food from food carts! Many big cities now have food carts that serve fast, inexpensive food. It is a lot of fun to explore food pods. You can walk around, look at all the different food carts, and pick out your favorite one!

Food carts are mobile kitchens that have different cuisines. When you are on the go, you can step up to a window of a food cart and place your order. There are all kinds of carts serving snacks, desserts, and drinks. Some of the most popular places to eat in cities are food carts!

Gary has never eaten at a food cart, but Romeo goes all the time. Read on to learn more about food carts in today’s lesson.


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Gary:  Where do you normally go for lunch?

Romeo:  The food carts, where else would I go?

Gary:  Oh, I usually just go to a restaurant.

Romeo:  A restaurant? Man, food carts are the best. What are you talking about? Especially if you’re on the go you just step up to the window, you get your food, step right out of line, and let the next person go.

Gary:  I don’t know. I guess the few times I have been to the food carts they’re just overloaded with people. It’s so hard to place an order.

Romeo:  Well, how else do you expect them to make a profit?

Gary:  That’s a good point, I don’t know when I’ve seen it, it just seems like it’s kind of unsanitary.

Romeo:  You never notice how the dirtiest places make the best food?

Gary:  I have not noticed that.

Romeo:  That’s true talk, man! Go to a restaurant, go to a food cart, if it’s dirty, you’ll notice the food is the best.

Gary:  How many food carts do they normally fit in a pod?

Romeo:  However many you can get in there.

Gary:  OK. Does a pod normally take up a city block? Or is it just a couple next to each other?

Romeo:  I’ve been to a few pods where you got about eight. You kind of just walk into a circle and choose wherever you want to go. You ever want to go man, I’ll take you man!

Gary:  I appreciate that!

Romeo:  Step outside of the norm man, get away from the restaurant. I’ll take you to a food cart!


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Gary normally goes to restaurants. He doesn’t have a lot of experience eating at food carts. When he has tried to go in the past, they have been overloaded with people. He tells Romeo that food carts seem unsanitary.

Romeo loves to go to food carts because you can go up to the window and order food when you are on the go. He tells Gary that even though food carts look dirty, they serve delicious food. He says that the best food carts are the dirtiest ones! Romeo explains you can just walk around a food pod and choose whatever food you want. Gary and Romeo plan to go to a food cart together.

Have you ever eaten from a food cart? Do you prefer a restaurant or a food cart?



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i prefer coffee shops. Espresso with a decadent pastry. I don’t care how much it cost, but you get what you pay for. The place is a must to be clean. Otherwise a bottle of water on the go. :)

07:06 PM Mar 26 2016 |

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United States

i love puching carts at stores.

05:22 PM Dec 09 2015 |


United States

I am very skeptical about food carts . The best food is the one that you cook . lol ….

04:49 PM Dec 09 2015 |



Russian Federation

I find food carts are pretty convinient and sometimes very needed, also time-saving. I have eaten sometimes from food carts and food there was always good and inexpensive. I believe restaurants serve for one particular time and food carts for another. Like if you have time and want to have some quality time with your friends or family and enjoy good dishes, then you go to restaurant. And if you are on the go and feel hungry, there are food carts for you to make you feel not hungry :=)

03:54 PM Dec 09 2015 |



hello do you whant to be my friend?

03:37 PM Dec 09 2015 |

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The good carts occasionally can acceptable ,but there is an issue for this bussines is that no organization and franchise to inspect them . In order to make sanitery food for people .
I can not even tell you how was the food carts is unsanitary that’s why .

04:24 AM Dec 09 2015 |

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