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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Learn English meaning of 'Donald Trump'

Date: Feb 19 2016

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Future Progressive Tense


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In the United States, election season is an exciting time for voters. People all over the country watch news channels to find out about the newest presidential headlines. You cannot turn on the television without seeing Donald Trump!

Candidate Trump belongs to the Republican Party, and people can’t stop talking about his strategy. He is famous for being a rich business man with a loud personality. Some people think that his ideas about minorities are racist, and young voters in the United States do not want him to be the next president. Being president of the United States is one of the most important jobs in the world, so it is important for people to use the voting system to pick the best candidate.

Andy and Brian are discussing Donald Trump’s strategy. Listen to their conversation to find out what they think about Donald Trump.


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Andy_H:  Hey Brian, you know what time it is? It’s that election season coming up here in America, and man, have you seen Donald Trump?

Brian:  I have. I can’t stop seeing him.

Andy_H:  He seems to be in just about every single news headline.

Brian:  And on top of that, it’s just filling up any of my social media. Like my Facebook feed, people for Donald Trump, people against Donald Trump…

Andy_H:  Let me tell you. I personally think this guy is an absolute clown. And I say that because he will say anything so that a room full of people will start cheering. And frankly, it’s upsetting for me because I actually believe in the voting system here in America. And he doesn’t seem like a candidate that’s actually taking what we know as democracy seriously.

Brian:  I know. It seems a little unfortunate that some of the Republican Party really gets behind him. Because he seems to be able to play to the Republican Party and to the people he wants votes for. I think that he’s taken advantage of the Democracy in a very interesting way. I got to give him credit for his strategy.

Andy_H:  Well, I tell you what I really don’t want to give him credit for. That’s how he speaks about minorities and racist issues in this country. I think that he is tending to play on people’s fears as opposed to playing on trying to get people together. And we are called the United States of America. We’re not trying to divide anybody. I know that he’s not getting my vote.

Brian:  I will say that I think a lot of people will go out to vote this year because he is a candidate

Andy_H:  Cheers to that.


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Andy asks Brian if he has seen Donald Trump on the news. Andy thinks that Donald Trump is a clown because he will say anything to make people cheer. He does not believe Donald Trump is a good candidate because he does not understand democracy. Andy thinks Donald Trump uses people’s fears to divide the country.

Brian sees news about Donald Trump on his Facebook feed every day! He also does not like Donald Trump’s strategy but thinks that many people will go and vote this year because of Trump. Andy and Brian will not be voting for Donald Trump this election season.



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Dominican Republic

I think this president will address the things in the United States. Although in the case of migration is being very dramatic.

01:40 PM Feb 01 2017 |


Dominican Republic

Donald Trump what he has to do is turn the country over to obama and stop making life impossible for Mexicans and the rest of the world

09:20 PM Jan 31 2017 |




i like donald trump cause he is direct to the points and frankly, brave person 

05:40 PM Dec 23 2016 |

Shirley Marie Bradby

United States

I am a black American woman and I have always been a Trump supporter so I am VERY HAPPY that Trump won and #TrumpIsMYPresident! Trump is not a racist or any of the things that the msm has constantly accused him of being. The biased msm had decided that Hillary was going to be the next POTUS whether or not the American people wanted her or not. They tried to force us to dislike Trump WITHOUT REALLY LISTENING TO HIM. They also lied and tried to rig the polls in Hillary’s favor, to try to discourage those of us who supported Trump from voting for him. But we decided to just ignore them and put our man Donald J. Trump in office. We did….Hillary lost and Trump WON!  :)

Personally, I LISTENED TO what Trump had to say and is still saying …..and he makes perfect sense.  His opinions and proposals to deal with serious issues were intelligent and practical things that could be done to save America from disaster.  Trump talked about topics no one wanted to talk about such as about illegal immigration, vetting refugees from radicalized countries, unemployment, unaffordable health care, our depleted military, taking care of our veterans, terrible trade deals, our bad foreign policy decisions that were authored by Obama and Hillary Clinton that have thrown the world into utter chaos! Just look at Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia….all these countries that have been negatively influenced by Obama and Hillary and now these countries are in turn arming ISIS terrorists and sending them disguised as “refugees” to invade  Europe! Look at France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Finland, etc…they are being overrun by dangerous people who want to destroy our western civilization!

So, as an American, I could not in good conscience vote for MORE OF THE SAME with Hillary as POTUS! Hillary is a very dishonest person, who lied, cheated, and stole from the American people. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Trump is the answer to what the USA needs to do now to get back on track and start to take care of Americans first….and stop meddling in other countries!  I am very happy and excited to see what wonderful things we, as Americans, working ALL TOGETHER with President Trump can do for America and for the world.  Yes, we are going to Make America Great Again!  Thank God, for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence!  Two great Americans who can lead America back to the principles on which America was founded such as economic prosperity, political responsibility, and sincere respect for ourselves and others!

04:33 AM Dec 23 2016 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hello gusy,this man is a wild animal and he is a mad man

because he is our enemy.

04:23 PM Apr 03 2016 |



United States

You see Trump on TV so often because controversy attracts viewers and Trump creates controversy.

Trump’s talking about people in this country illegally, not all Mexican people.

Yes, there is a difference between ISIS and Islam, but people in ISIS tell lies convincingly, it’s very hard to look at someone and tell which they might be, and the price of being wrong is too high for us to risk. Trump is advocating not accepting  100,000 people at a time, but accepting them at a rate that would allow us to check their individual backgrounds before allowing them in.

America is not taking over the world. Why would you think so? We have less influence now in other nations than we’ve ever had in my lifetime.

No, America is no longer in the top ten of nations worldwide in any category except military strength.

People in at least ten other nations are wealthier, better educated, better employed, happier, healthier, etc etc etc. Five of the ten wealthiest nations on Earth are Islamic. We were number one once, now we aren’t even in the top ten.

Trump would like to return to the days when we were among the best, not among the ‘above average’.

I think it’s fair to say that Trump is loud, pushy, controversial, blunt, and opinionated, but that’s not the deterent you might think it is.

I hope that helps give context to some of what you’ve mentioned.

03:30 PM Apr 03 2016 |




I’m not really that interested in Politics,but,everytime i switch on the Tv i see Donald Trump,and listen to what he says,then,i just can’t stand him.I say he’s racist because of what he says,and what he tends to do,about mexicans,..and especially Muslims,We are not terrorists,and he has to know the difference between what you call ISIS,and what really Islam is,anyway,i mean you can see that America is taking control over the world,so if he wins,then,i don’t expect good things to happen…Furthermore,he’s Saying make America great again,isn’t America great then??!!

10:50 PM Apr 02 2016 |



United States

Djana, not being a professional politician is one of the things that many people like about him. Here at least, professional politicians are seen as part of the problem.

I’m unaware of the racism you mention.

I too am interested in why you think it would be a disaster for the world.

12:45 AM Apr 02 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Disaster for the whole world, Djana? Why is that? Why is Donald Trump a racist?
He wants to protect America from terrorism and illegal immigration. Where’s racism here?

12:26 AM Apr 02 2016 |

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I think if Donald Trump wins the elections,then it will be a disaster for all the world!!!He is racist,and never a politician.

09:54 PM Apr 01 2016 |



United States

Marques, the man who wrote that is an activist comic. The son of a Palestinian, he is a lawyer who has made his own share of racist, bigoted comments in his lifetime.

Does supporting the article make you a bigot because the man who wrote it is? Of course not, nor does supporting Trump mean that others are mysogynists.

Wow Motherearth! You do remember that the freely elected representatives of the people of your own sovereign nation of Canada voted to join in all of those endeavors you claim were American wars, right? Blame Canada. 

Trump isn’t the Republican candidate yet, he’s a candidate for the Republican nomination. Those are two different things. The USA isn’t a democracy, it’s a democratic Republic. Those are also two different things.

08:37 PM Feb 28 2016 |

marques11Super Member!


I added it in my Twitter, you can read it there, @CamilloMarques

10:18 PM Feb 26 2016 |

marques11Super Member!


This week, CNN published an article called “A vote for Trump is a vote for bigotry”, this article was written by Dean Obeigallah. People! you must read it, and you will see why Trump will be dangerous, not just to american people, but to people around the world

10:13 PM Feb 26 2016 |



Donald Trump is a businessman and showman. he isn’t politician. He may be dangerous.

02:02 PM Feb 24 2016 |

1 person likes this



If any one is in English Baby to vote him , I mean Mr .Trump please send me your idea about what he will do for his responsibility not only for The USA even for rest of the World ?
Guys just come back to Iraq war , after election of Mr Bush . Our world went to unsafe and messy events . Because republicans had needed new excuse to find out how to provide their budgets . That’s reality for republicans party in congress.
Basically , majority of people in usa politician have idea that ( we want to set democracy , peace and safely inside usa and other countries ) .
But here is thing that how would they do ?
Iraq war , new issues ( ISIS , Oil price crisses , Middle East conflict between Palestinians and military of Israel , climate change , and so on …..)
Please don’t think about only one group or party !
The people in the all around world need right , peace , and health .
The usa government wants to be leader of the world , while they didn’t realize there is so many ways to show as leader not by WARS .
usa government wants to spy all countries because of its border .
usa must be understand that to make peace is piority for people NOT take advantage of innocent people in the world .
I don’t trust to noun of republicans in usa .

04:06 AM Feb 21 2016 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I Think He is worse than Bush…

08:52 PM Feb 20 2016 |




People just get pissed off with political correctness restricting themselves, controlling their speech in fear to offend some cultures and lying to themselves which is not not natural. That’s why they support Trump. I don’t think he will do something radical when elected. He’s just very very smart guy and not dangerous;)

12:37 AM Feb 20 2016 |

marques11Super Member!


Trump is just a clown, but american people must be careful about him, because he can be a dangerous clown.

10:41 PM Feb 19 2016 |

joao correia


Sorry too but I don’t like to talk about politics but I think that Donald Trump will win this election for president of USA 

Just I think not I support this it.

Let’s see what will happen if it he to win.

10:40 PM Feb 19 2016 |

1 person likes this




in fact i hate politics.sorry friends

10:10 PM Feb 19 2016 |

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