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Learn English meaning of ‘Sandwiches'

Date: Feb 17 2016

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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During the 1700s, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, was a British politician. He also liked to gamble and eat a lot, but he had one problem. It was difficult to eat and gamble at the same time. He could bring a plate of food to the gambling table, but it created a mess. His meals were not satisfying, so he created a new way to eat many food groups at the same time.

This was the beginning of the sandwich, one of the world’s most popular meals. Sandwiches have grains in bread, they have protein in meat, and they also have healthy veggies. A sandwich is a wonderful way to enjoy a simple and complete meal. To this day, sandwiches are one of the most popular lunch foods in the US.

Brian is preparing sandwiches for himself and Gary, but Gary doesn’t always like sandwiches. Learn about his opinion in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Hey Gary, I’m making a sandwich. Do you want one?

Gary:  You know… I’d love one.

Brian:  Nice!

Gary:  Yeah. Do you have sandwiches daily?

Brian:  Yes, all the time, dude. That’s what I have for lunch every day.

Gary:  Wow, really?

Brian:  Yeah.

Gary:  I had one yesterday, but I can’t eat them all the time.

Brian:  Really? I mean it has all your basic food groups. It has bread and grains, protein, veggies

Gary:  It’s a really satisfying meal. I feel very full, and I don’t want to eat anything else after I have it.

Brian:  Really? But you only eat one like once a week or…

Gary:  Yeah, there are too many carbohydrates in it.

Brian:  Really?

Gary:  Yeah.

Brian:  I just grew up this way. When I went to school, my mom would pack me a sandwich every day, and I still do that to this day.

Gary:  I think that’s the other thing for me is I had sandwiches all the time in high school, and I think it can get a little old to have the same thing every single day.

Brian:  So, what do you eat for lunch?

Gary:  Vegetables, hummus, fruit… things like that

Brian:  Just all those things on a plate?

Gary:  But I kind of want to have that sandwich that you’re making right now, so…

Brian:  Of course!


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Brian is making sandwiches, and he offers to make one for Gary. Gary is hungry, so he says that he would love a sandwich. However, he doesn’t eat sandwiches very often. Instead, he usually has fruit, veggies, and hummus for lunch. On the other hand, Brian loves sandwiches and eats them every day. He thinks it’s a great way to enjoy many food groups.

Brian and Gary both had moms who made them sandwiches for school lunches. For Brian, this is a satisfying tradition that he continues to this day. But for Gary, eating the same thing every day was boring. Now, he is older, and he can choose to eat different things. He prefers simple foods on a plate because there are so many carbohydrates in bread.

How often do you eat sandwiches? What is your favorite type of sandwich?



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joao correia


Me too

I’m hungry now

Well could have one now for me 

It is would be great 

A sandwich of meat with cheese and drink a beer …. All amazing it 

10:33 PM Feb 18 2016 |



United States

I love sandwiches.

12:38 AM Feb 18 2016 |




sandwich it’s wonderful idea for me because i have been working contiuously evry day because often i don’t have the time for lunch sandwich the best solution ( work and eat in same time ) but i think sandwich not healthy every day … this is my a simple opnion

07:11 PM Feb 17 2016 |



Russian Federation

I eat sandwiches a few times a week. My favorie tipe of sandwich is toasts with cheese and eggs. Also I love sandwich with meet or fish and sandwich with veggies.

06:29 PM Feb 17 2016 |


United States

I eat sandwiches three times a week . I love sandwich with roast beef , cucumber , cilantro and little black peper . The rest of these other days , I eat rice , meat , veggies . I think whatever you eat , exercise is the most importance  to keep us healthy . 

04:07 PM Feb 17 2016 |

1 person likes this



ı like sandwishes too much but ı didnt understand why its Sand-witches ? where from its story in real or why this name ? 

Sandwich is very pratic idea for busy people or in travel or lack of time situtions..

02:45 PM Feb 17 2016 |



Sandwiches are very popular in our country, especially in the morning before you going to work, often don’t have enough time but so hungry and you eat sandwiches with tea or cofee.

11:13 AM Feb 17 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I just eat homemade sandwiches because they are so healthier than other,I’m  in love with vegetable cutlet and some time walnut with cheeses sandwich 

05:04 AM Feb 17 2016 |



  I seldom eat sandwiches. I think many people seldom eat sandwiches in our country.

  But sandwiches is a very food of convenient for the people who are very busy. It is simple production and comprehensive nutrition.

  I am a veggie. So  I like vegetable. If I eat sandwiches I will prefer it would be made of veggie.

   Now I think I can learn to make sandwiches for my family. Is it a good idea?

03:10 AM Feb 17 2016 |



I sometimes eat sandwiches, It’s a meal very easy and fast to prepare, also It’s delicious, my favorite sandwiches are with pork ham.

03:07 AM Feb 17 2016 |

1 person likes this



Sandwiches are reliable meals in this generation , the reason why is no more time for cooking meal . It kind of eggsagoration for sandwich meal consumers .
Now , in this decade we can see a lot of problems in mojority of people that have routing for their meal as eatting sandwich .
Prosumsbly , the sandwich was good meal at same time when its invented by British gambler .
The sandwiches must be using for certain time NOT every single day !!!!

02:41 AM Feb 17 2016 |

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