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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

Learn about Valentine's Day in this English lesson

Date: Feb 12 2016

Themes: Family, Friend, Holidays, Romance


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Most of us have a special someone in our lives. Some people have a romantic partner, like a husband or wife. Other people have a best friend or a beloved family member. Some people even have a close relationship with a favorite teacher or co-worker. How do you show your special someone that you care about them? Do you give them a card? Do you take them out for dinner? Do you buy them flowers? These are all things that people in the United States do on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their love.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th. It is a western holiday devoted to love and romance. It is named after a Catholic Saint named Valentine, but it is not a religious holiday. On this day, couples go out on dates. Children in school give cards to their classmates. People also give cards and gifts to their family members and friends. However, some people think Valentine’s Day is more about money than romance. They believe that the holiday is too commercialized. They would prefer to celebrate romance without buying a lot of things.

Brian and Dominique are talking about Valentine’s Day. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


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Dominique:  Brian, guess what’s coming up?

Brian:  Um, what?

Dominique:  It’s Valentine’s Day!

Brian:  Oh, right. I did see all the candy in the grocery store the other day.

Dominique:  I’ve already got my gifts in order. I love the romance, and going on dates... I cannot wait!

Brian:  So, let me ask you, do you just get gifts for your significant other or other people? I remember my favorite part about Valentine’s Day was grade school. We would give valentines to everyone in the class, so I got a bunch of gifts. But now, I don’t get any gifts.

Dominique:  I love giving gifts. I give to my husband, my daughter, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends get cards... I just love love.

Brian:  Well, that’s great. I’m glad that it comes from a familial and a romantic angle with you. I feel like sometimes it’s just so commercialized, and it’s easy for me to get cynical about it. But I do like that you enjoy it so much.

Dominique:  You know what? You sound like my husband. He really hates Valentine’s Day, and that’s a problem. I mean, he thinks it’s all about the money, and it’s commercialized. Which it kind of is, but… come on. If you love me, show me!



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Dominique reminds Brian that Valentine’s Day is coming up. She is very excited, because she loves romance. She has already bought her gifts… and she has a lot of them! She gives presents to her husband, her daughter, and all of her family members. Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite holidays.

Brian is not as excited about Valentine’s Day. He remembers liking it as a child, but now he sometimes feels like the holiday is mostly about money. There is a lot of pressure to buy candy and gifts. It is easy for him to feel cynical about Valentine’s Day. Dominique says that Brian reminds her of her husband. Dominique’s husband hates Valentine’s Day, but she does not agree with him. She thinks that if you love someone, it is important to show them.

How do you show someone that you love them? Do people celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country?



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United States

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11:25 AM Sep 17 2016 |



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07:49 PM May 14 2016 |


Russian Federation

I like Valentine’s Day to!!! This is a lot of gifts, flowers , sweets and just another day in year , when я have a good mood))) but also .. Financial profit !

11:09 AM Apr 20 2016 |



Great lesson! Many thanks, indeed!

01:29 AM Feb 18 2016 |




In my country it’s not very common,i mean just between couples…i want to say that if we love someone,it happens everyday,and we can show it whenever we want,not just in this day!! People think that valentine is related to couples only,then i don’t agree,i like what  has Dominique said,we can give gifts to everybody,friends,relatives….well,me in 14th february i bought chicolate and i shared it with all my classmates,and it was great!

01:12 PM Feb 17 2016 |



I write a letter and I give him. 

Here we celebrate ” the secret friend and is in September.

11:57 PM Feb 14 2016 |


United States

You are very good!

03:52 PM Feb 14 2016 |




Like dominique said ” If you love me, show me!” I exactly agree with her. People need to special days to show that they love.  If you already have like that days, valentine’s day is not important too. But if you have’nt, it is important to remind the love of yours.

01:23 PM Feb 14 2016 |



ı wish, to all Ebaby friends and members, 

smiles in your lips,

shine in your eyes, 

happiness in your soul,

love in your heart 

Happy Valentine’s day :)

Seiyf *)

07:22 AM Feb 14 2016 |



Valentine’s day

  Yes, there is the same day as valentine’s day in the west. It is in 7th july  in Chinese calendar. It is our traditional festival. It is said that Niu lang and Weaver who live in heaven would  meet each ohter on that day.

   We bake various shapes of small steamed  bread to celebrate this day.

   Now we also celebrate the western valentine’s day these years. But these are young men. Yes, they give gifts to each other, such as flowers and chocolates, and so on. It is a chance to young man to express his love to his girl who he loves. It is a good day to lovers. But maybe it is also a day which is used and speculated  by businessman.

07:05 AM Feb 14 2016 |

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Dominican Republic

I think that Valentine’s day is a completely commercial day. In my opinion you don’t need to wait an specific day to show to your soulmate/friend/family that you love them.

I think that is beautiful when you give something to someone without reasons, without plan, without social pressure…  It’s beautiful when you  give something to someone just because your heart want to do it.

03:35 AM Feb 14 2016 |

1 person likes this




I think, in my country, women love Valentine’s Day more than men. Men are supposed to treat them for a romantic candlelit dinner, give them gifts or flowers, and many more. I also think it’s way too commercialized.

03:08 AM Feb 14 2016 |

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In my country the people swap gift, like chocolate sweet, candy or rose.

In many pizza restaurant you can found pizza with heart form.

08:23 PM Feb 13 2016 |

1 person likes this




everyday is valentine with my family

02:00 PM Feb 13 2016 |




firstly In fact, we need love in this miserable world but there are  so many ways to celebrate love not only valentine’day and i see some people are waiting the monthe of febraury to show his love for his wife or his friends that’s wrong ….the love allways in our heart in any time i mean all times …....thanks english baby i learned today  some new vocabulary



07:06 PM Feb 12 2016 |

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United States

After Valentine’s Day , the population is increasing and the earth is more croweded . lol …..

03:41 PM Feb 12 2016 |




Let’s face it, it’s the holiday for lovers. So get romantic, get some flowers, chocolate hearts, make surprise and be nice for your significant other or just a lover. It’s ok, if you’re single, go to a new street, hit the new cafe, order yourslf sth new :), smile and celebrate that you turn to a fresh page of your amorous adventures. Feel the vibe of love in the air, don’t brush off the mischievous Cupid that for sure will be nearby on that beautiful special day;)

01:35 PM Feb 12 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We don’t have Valentine day here,I think everyday  can be Valentine day when you express your love and feeling to who you care about them,

11:54 AM Feb 12 2016 |



There are so many ways to show someone that love them , but it’s little bit complicate to keep continuing respectfull as kind of valentine’s forever .
To me , I believe valentine’s day because we can rebuilt or keeping strong our relationship between behaviours and acting .
It’s absolutely and necessarily thing to alive our love and ramonitic behave .
God bless everyone
Happy Valentine’s Day to all people and other creations in all around the world .

03:47 AM Feb 12 2016 |

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