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Learn English meaning of ‘newspapers’

Date: Apr 15 2020

Themes: News, Time, Work

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Today, most of the world learns about breaking news from the Internet. Physical media, such as newspapers, books, and even videos, are becoming a dying breed. In the digital age, many people just use their smartphones to find out about the latest news and learn about other important information. However, only one generation ago, newspapers were the most popular way to receive the daily news.

Before the year 2000, many kids in the US used to make money by delivering newspapers on a newspaper route. BMX bikes were very popular at this time, and a lot of kids used these bicycles to bring papers to each house in their area. Still, other kids worked with their parents. Mom or Dad would drive the family car, and the kids would chuck the newspapers out of the car’s window.

Gary used to be a paperboy. Listen as he tells Romeo about his experience delivering newspapers in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Gary:  Did you know that, when I was 13, I had a newspaper route and delivered newspapers to people.

Romeo:  I could totally see that. Did you have one of those BMX bikes?

Gary:  Yeah, I did. That’s exactly what I had. It was a BMX bike.

Romeo:  It’s too physical. If I did deliver papers, I’d be in the car, and I’d just chuck them out the window.

Gary:  Yeah, I did that, too. Newspapers…

Romeo:  Right?

Gary:  It is a dying breed

Romeo:  Well, yeah.

Gary:  … of information to offer up to people.

Romeo:  For sure. I mean, we’re in the digital age. All breaking news now… you can just find out about it on your Android.

Gary:  Yeah, and Twitter, on Instagram, Facebook. It’s a 24-hour news cycle everywhere, at all times.

Romeo:  I don’t even know why people would even want to have that physical newspaper in their hand. I mean, why don’t they just get with the program?

Gary:  I have to admit I actually like having a newspaper delivered…

Romeo:  Again, why am I not surprised?


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Gary remembers having a newspaper route when he was 13 years old. He used to ride his BMX bike to the houses in his area and bring them newspapers. Romeo listens to Gary’s story about delivering papers, but he thinks that the job sounds like too much work. If Romeo delivered newspapers, he would just chuck them out the window of a moving car.

Gary and Romeo talk about the fact that newspapers are a dying breed of media. Because we live in the digital age, most people receive their breaking news from social media websites. Romeo thinks that this is a great way to get with the program and enjoy modern technology. But Gary still enjoys the physical media of newspapers.

Where do you like to get your news? Do you think that newspapers will disappear soon?



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United States

Actually I was thinking of buying local newspaper recently. What’s wrong with me?

08:47 AM Feb 27 2016 |



I like reading websites with news and I didn’t used to be fan of newspapers. However, I like more reading books which printed on a paper, I’m sure that in this way they have a soul!

09:17 AM Feb 25 2016 |

hanningstSuper Member!


We have to accept that times have changed

04:06 AM Feb 25 2016 |




so firstly …it’s good idea whene we talk about newspapers ….and i have a piece of information to my friends scientificly  whene you read the news in the newspapers better than to read it on the phone or pc you belive me it’s the best idea to injoy reading …news papers .books . In our time there’s a development .. and the information has become faster but keep the newspapers have their own taste..thanks so much english baby  good lesson for me

07:56 PM Feb 24 2016 |




No,I don’ think so. Because there are still many people who like reading newspaper and magazine around us ,though more youngers prefer read news from digital device to reading paper media.

05:51 PM Feb 24 2016 |

1 person likes this


United States

Newspapers will be disappeared soon . Nowadays, most of us use digital things , therefore any moving parts machine become obsolete . Some days , we will drive a car without engine , the whole parts are a bunch of digital control with single battery . I still watch a news from television ! 

04:18 PM Feb 24 2016 |



2016 results ;

Digital/electronic/social media : 1 
Analog/paper / pyhsical media : 0

10:57 AM Feb 24 2016 |

1 person likes this




I like to get my news on Facebook and I think that newspapers will disappear gradually. Fewer and fewer people are buying newspapers. They are as Garya nd Romeo said a dying breed.

06:52 AM Feb 24 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I really don’t like  read newspaper,even when the smartphone and internet wasn’t popular.when I was younger I always listened to radio and get my information and news ,

06:15 AM Feb 24 2016 |



  I get my news from internet. I used to get my news from TV and radio usually. But now , only from internet.

  When I want to know something,  the first idea is the computer which is on the line.

  Yes, I ever think about this problem, the newspaper. I indeed think that it will disappear soon, dying breed.

  I ever found one newspaper anywhere about one month ago. I lost a certification and then declared on the newspaper. I need took this newspaper’s report to register to the relevant departments. I thought I would  bought one newspaper anywhere for I hadn’t read newspaper for many  years. But I found the everywhere near my office and I didn’t find one newspaper. Only I let my classmate who worked at the newspaper office to send me one.

   I think it is reasonable and normal if the newspaper would disappear. The digital age offer us so many convenience. It saves time and resource.

The newspaper need paper, the paper need wood. But the wood is more and more less because the modern people exploit over the natural resource for the development.

 Newspaper need time to collect information and to print it  and then  deliver paper to our hand. But all that immediately are seen to us by the internet. The digital ages save so much time.


05:19 AM Feb 24 2016 |

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