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Spicy Food
Spicy Food

Learn Food English in this Lesson about Spicy Food

Date: Mar 13 2020

Themes: Food

Grammar: Conjunctions


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How much spice is too much? Some people love spicy food. In many cultures, ingredients like chilies and hot pepper are common. Other cultures use garlic, ginger, or horseradish to spice up their food. People in the United States love hot sauce. They use it on everything from eggs to sandwiches! If you ask an American, he or she will probably have a favorite brand of hot sauce.

Spicy food can be good for your body. It can help with congestion if you have a cold. It can make you sweat, which cools your skin off. In hot countries, many people eat spicy food all the time so that they can feel cooler. However, if you are not used to spicy food, it can make you sick. It can cause indigestion or just burn your tongue. It’s important to be careful and drink a lot of water if you are new to eating spicy food.

Brian and Jessica are talking about some spicy food that Jessica ate. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  Brian, I went out to eat today, and my food was so spicy that it gave me indigestion. And I used to love spicy food! But now, I don’t know what it’s doing to my body. It’s making me sweat, and it’s causing a stomachache.

Brian:  Oh, I love spicy food. I actually kind of like it when it makes my eyes water. I just feel like I’m enjoying to food a little bit more. But I also love the taste of peppers and chili…

Jessica:  Oh, yum.

Brian:  I think that’s a really, really strong taste, and it really hits home for me.

Jessica:  Yeah, I do like to try different types of hot sauces, because some of them aren’t necessarily spicy, but they’re smoky and have different flavors. I had a Jamaican hot sauce the other day that was delicious. So, those don’t hit me the same way as going out to eat and getting spicy food in a restaurant. I have more control over it.

Brian:  Right, I love jalapeno peppers or habanero peppers, but I can’t stand Tabasco sauce.

Jessica:  Oh, really?

Brian:  That’s a different type of heat that I can’t take.

Jessica:  See, and wasabi is a little strange for me. But I don’t know, maybe, I’ll venture out and try some new types of food.


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Jessica just ate some very spicy food. She used to love eating spicy food, but now it makes her feel sick. It makes her sweat and causes a lot of stomach pain. Brian really likes the taste of spicy food. He loves hot peppers. When his eyes water, he feels like he is just enjoying the food more. Strong, intense flavors are something he loves.

Jessica also likes strong flavors. She enjoys hot sauce, but she prefers sauces that are more smoky than spicy. Brian is the opposite. He can eat a lot of spicy peppers, but he can’t stand hot sauce. Jessica doesn’t like the heat in wasabi. They both have very different tastes when it comes to eating spicy things.

Do you like spicy food? Do people in your country eat a lot of hot sauce?



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Saudi Arabia

I love spicy food❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

01:12 AM Mar 15 2020 |

1 person likes this


ml2000Super Member!


I always ask for some spicy sauce or oil when I went out to eat in a restaurant.   

06:42 PM Mar 12 2020 |

1 person likes this



Technically , I’m not kind of person to eat spicy food . The only reason why my tolerant of digestion is not hight .
In certain time , I would like to tast spicy food depends on what type spicy food .
In some culture , they ususally eating spicy food as daily meal . I should mention it the spicy food has magical effect especially in country that has located hot temprture and also tropical weather . For intsence , India , South Asia countries and the Arab countries .

07:36 PM Mar 14 2016 |



I cannot eat spicy food. No, no way. I am not used to it. I can eat red pepper if it’s at a subtle amount and I like the smell of black pepper but I prefer my food spice-free:)

07:31 PM Mar 14 2016 |




I like spicy food. Not that i love to have my ayes watering , but a few drops of Tabasco sauce on my soup is always welcome. In my country , unlike Peru, Mexico , spice food is not much in use. Maybe Jessica should try out at another restaurant where it is served spicy food, or if it is a problem with her stomach quitting at all eating at Indian and Mexican  restaurants. When babies are born in South India, the mom imstead of breast feeding the baby, nurse the little  angel with pepper juice. hahahaha

04:59 PM Mar 14 2016 |

joao correia


I don’t like spicy foods however in my country there are a lot of people that like red peppers between others. 

I just like some hot sauce with tomatoes sauce but just a little hot.

04:42 PM Mar 14 2016 |

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Over the years I really built up my tolerance to spices. I literally became a junkie for using Sriracha aka Rooster sauce in nearly everything I cook. I have one bottle in my fridge an 2 in the cupboard because I’m afraid I will run out of it!! 

03:35 PM Mar 14 2016 |



there are different kind of spicy food in different countries,cultures ..of course ı dont know all,ı didnt have to taste them ..but ı know our tradition peppers,pickles and sauces..when ı eat hot peppers and others more than normally ,ı feel all my body is in a fire..a hot waves spread from my lips to everywhere,everything turns to a terrible fire..sweats on my forehead,tears on my eyes..and sometimes ı feel myself a dragon with fire breaths..running to water :)) 

02:31 PM Mar 14 2016 |




The other day I went to the Indian restaurant. The food was pleasantly spicy. It didn’t make your eyes water but your mouth was slightly burning plus you still could taste the food.
One guy brought some kinda pepper relish. I couldn’t eat it at all. Other guys either. They ran for the milk which is a good neutralizer if you cannot stand the spice.
One of the challenging peppers to eat is a ghost pepper.

01:59 PM Mar 14 2016 |



Mexicans usually love chile.

04:08 AM Mar 14 2016 |

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