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Winter Blues
Winter Blues

Learn English meaning of ‘winter blues’

Date: May 13 2020

Themes: Health, Time, Weather


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In the winter, it’s very dark and cold. Some people get SAD because of the short winter days. They feel bummed out and depressed. It is important to do something to feel better.

Sometimes, a short nap can help people to feel good again. But people with SAD might want a sunlamp. This special light is similar to sunlight. It helps the body feel better.


sunlamp n.


Example I use a sunlamp to help me feel better in the winter.

bummed out adj.


Example When I decided to go to another state for school, it really bummed out my mom.

nap n.


Example I was so tired today that I had to take a nap.

depressed adj.


Example Marie is depressed because her boyfriend broke up with her.

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How do you feel in the winter? In winter, how many hours of darkness are there in your country?


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I think in winter i became too active and practical one oppose to other season .

here in africa we didn’t suffer from long of the day in winter but may be the day is shortest than the night . 

09:28 AM May 01 2016 |



I feel drowsy in winters. especially wen comes from office the sunlight gone completely….lighting disappers …darkness arrives early rather than other seasons..and the way i walk from bus stop to home completely becom dark  that makes me reach home very difficult as there is no street light also and dogs barking makes me dreadful..thats the reason i do not like winter much…furhter in the morning, getting ready for office also difficult in that weather.

12:54 PM Apr 14 2016 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I live in kurdistan , winter is not so much big deal here , I guess not more than 16 hours of darkness , I feel cool during winter

10:14 AM Apr 09 2016 |

Carla Cristina Fagundes


I live in Brazil, the winter is not a big trouble here. I confess this is my favorite season because cold weather is “something new” to us, considering that here it’s hot and dry almost the whole year (It depends on what city or state you live, sure). It’s really difficult to wake up early during cold days and personally I don’t have energy to do many things besides watching tv, eating soup and sleeping in a warm blanket…haha

I try to understand people who live in this kind of country with dark winter. When I don’t see the sunlight or if it’s raining and cloudy all day, I feel depressed.

I think it’s good when we can enjoy a temperate weather, not too cold and not too hot.



wonderful comments from wonderful Ebaby members )) 

I read them gladly and each comment gives me different taste ..thanks to all :)

to my ideas, Nature has a beautiful circle with different seasons and natural events..also many people say they are miracle of Nature..every Spring  trees have new,fresh ,colourful dress and leaves ,and in Autumn these leaves fall down and fly with winds to unknown places ..

ı like all seasons, ı believe all seasons have their own beautius,differences..coz they are gift to human beings from God .yesss Autumn is little sad,sorrow season ..maybe its called ” leaving season ” caused of leaves .and Winter is cold,grey,white,snowy,rainy,stormy..and people feel very different emotions,moods,feelings in the winter..short days and long nights can make people’s souls pessimist,sleepy,boring ..

anyway,think an African person ,who lives in very hot region ,never see white snow,never touch snowflakes..you are lucky for having different seasons )) 

03:03 PM Apr 06 2016 |




i really like all seasons that is why i cannot say that i feel bummed out in the winter also. on the other hand in my country in the winter there are about 14 hours darkness in a day.

best wishes for all

02:06 PM Apr 06 2016 |


txbluebeeSuper Member!

United States

I like winter because winter is short in Texas. Most of time it’s hot here. I like to stay in my warm blanket in the winter morning! Enjoy a cup of coffee and let it warm me up whole body. The feeling is so good. The other reason I like winter is holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both in winter. When it’s getting cold I know holidays are coming. :)
Probably the only thing bothers me in winter time is snow. It’s beautiful to take picture with but it’s so dangerous to drive in the snow day. Good thing is we don’t have much snow in Texas.




We have two kinds of winter here. :)

One is so-called “grey winter” with grey sky and grey snow; and another one is “white winter” with sparkling, white snow, blue sky, sun and frost. I always prefer second kind of winter. It gives such an impact as spring or summer days. It gives joy and wish to go for winter activities.

November is definitely the most dark month of the year. We have a daylight only since 10.00 am till 4 p.m.

Winter does not bother me as much as autumn does.  Autumn is an endless  nightmare for me :) 




Winter is my least favorite season. Once November begins, I’m counting down the days till it ends. The lack of sunlight has a major impact on my mood so I try to work against it by finding different stimuli. A Vitamin D supplement helps to prevent me from getting SAD. Friendly gatherings, music and dancing help me to feel good again. I don’t like feeling sluggish. Instead of dragging myself around on half energy – I just grab a book and curl up in bed for a few hours – yep, that’s how long it takes until my toes feel toasty warm in winter ;)

La Princesse de la vie


I’d prefer to call it hot summer moods rather than winter blues.

Away from frost bites of the winter and having to get up from your cozy bed for school or work, like Ola, I prefer winter. And like Julito, I dislike hot summer and the persisting burning sun and the stationary air particles. That makes me sluggish and apathetic. Maybe a nap in the home artificial cool air recharges me and lifts my mood again.

12:00 PM Apr 06 2016 |




We don´t have daylight saving as in some States in the US. Certainly,i can understand  these guys , It´s so depressing  that after five p.m it is getting dark and you still have many hours of activities ahead. I am desliking hot days in our city, so i heartily give a welcome to the winter season. I will miss my sandals and bermudas cargo, but  i will sleep it off and recharged for a new day.


ola3Super Member!


I love winter! Never sluggish, on the contrary move fast not to freeze. And when you move fast, you feel warm breathing in the refreshing frosty air. This amazing feeling is long felt when you get home. You feel so recharged! We still have got lot’s of snow. :)



I don’t like winter that makes me feel cold and depressed, I become sluggish and apathetic always feel sleepy, the most diffcult thing is to get up in the morning, but I like snow that is interesting

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