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Student Loans
Student Loans

Learn English meaning of ‘student loans’

Date: May 12 2020

Themes: School

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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It’s common to have anxiety over your education. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to be a student! A good student needs to attend classes, do homework, study for tests, and shouldn’t forget about hobbies and friends.

While education can improve life, it is a huge expense for many people. Some students get financial help from their family or government. Other students may work a job and study at the same time. However, if a student still doesn’t have enough money to pay for school, they might have to borrow money from a bank. This allows the student to get an education, but it also means they will need to repay the loan at a future date.

Kelsey and Andy are talking about the necessary evil of student loans. Find out what they think in today’s English lesson.


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Kelsey:  Hey Andy, I have great news! I just got approved for an income-based repayment for my student loans.

Andy_H:  That’s fantastic! Well, I’m really glad that you’re making headway on getting those payments paid!

Kelsey:  Yeah, I’ve been having a lot of anxiety over getting them paid off, and even with this repayment plan, I still have a bit of fear about it.

Andy_H:  Well, you know, I understand where people can get really anxious about needing to pay off their student loans, but take me, for example. I understood that, when I was young I needed to go to college, which was a huge expense but instead of looking at it as some kind of necessary evil, I focused on how this was an investment in my future.

Kelsey:  You know, I do agree with that. I really value the education I got. I just wish I didn’t have to work two jobs right now to pay it all off.

Andy_H:  And I feel you, sister. I am working my tail off, but when I think of where I am right now, it really makes me happy that there were these kinds of establishments that allowed me to borrow money so that I could get an education, even if they are really expensive.


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Kelsey has good news! She is happy that she now has an income-based repayment plan for her student loans. She still has a little anxiety about paying off all her loans, and she is working two jobs to make the payments.

Like Kelsey, Andy is also working his tail off. He always knew that student loans would be a good investment in his future, and that’s why he thinks of these loans as a necessary evil. Andy is grateful that he was able to borrow money to pay for school. He congratulates Kelsey on making headway with her payments.

How do you pay for school? Do loans give you anxiety, or do you think they are a good investment?



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United States

Student Loans cost alot but you have help and have a job.

08:45 PM May 11 2016 |

joao correia


No I didn’t need of a bank loan for my studies because I studied in a public college. But I think that if is necessary for studies I agree with the loan bank because after you there will a better job, so it’s a good investment for me. 

Make headway in your life, think it.

04:20 PM May 11 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


That’s the dilemma to go to the University and pay through the nose and after have difficullty finding a job because the supply exceeds demand and you end up working at Starbucks just to pay off your tution and to make ends meet. Or get a job which is more down to earth, cost much less money to be trained but brings you always bread and butter. That’s the sort of tendency is in the air today.

12:30 PM May 11 2016 |




In my country we have both , private and public universities . public universities are free and some are considered very good.  

About universities in USA, they are expensive and unless your parents had saving up enough money to send you to college, you will have to apply for a student loan, and here is where your trouble begins. Debts start piling up . You may have a degree and not necessarily-if you are in the middle of a recession, a good paid job . Your life will be full of anxiety thinking on this rope that is hanging over your head : repeating, pay me, pay me !!

I have to desagree with Andy. Those establishments that he is talking about are only greedy individuals whose only interest is making a huge profit by lending money, debt that will be almost impossible to pay it off, having the graduate student to break his/her back working two shifts to cancel the debt.




I think i’am so so lucky due to that ia’m not loan any money for my study life because of my parent .

may be sometime this loan let you more anxiety till you pay off all of it .

absolutely i agree ,, that loan can became an investment for your future life when you graduate and be an employer in a big company that time may be you remember these hard days of your life .

09:52 AM May 11 2016 |




Yes. Student loans is absolutely a good investment in the future. Just the trouble is that usually people work their tail off to pay the money back and after then they have to borrow money to buy a house, then their children’s education and so on. So,unfortunately the loan is necessary evil most of our life.

And the other bad thing is that there are many people who are so poor that they can’t get a loan and they can’t get an education even they are very talented and clever. 

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