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Learn English meaning of ‘orchards’

Date: Jun 10 2020

Themes: Food, Health, Hobbies

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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You know it’s summer when fruit trees become heavy with peaches, apples, pears, and plums. Some people are lucky to have fruit trees in their own backyard, but others can visit an orchard. Picking fresh fruit is one of life’s simple pleasures. And small orchards do not often use dangerous pesticides. Sure, it’s possible to find a worm inside your fresh, juicy apple, but worms don’t eat much.

When you have a lot of fresh fruit, you need to decide what to do with it. You probably can’t eat all of it fresh. You might bake a cherry pie or make plum sauce. You could even make wine or cider. Many people like to put these foods into cans or bottles so they can enjoy the fresh taste of summer during the cold winter months.

Kelsey’s best friend lives on an orchard, and she thinks it’s amazing. But Andy is skeptical. Listen to today’s English lesson to learn why.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kelsey:  Did you know that my best friend actually lives on an orchard?

Andy_H:  Wow!

Kelsey:  It’s pretty amazing. She has beautiful fruit trees growing everywhere… peach trees, pears, plums, apples… It’s incredible.

Andy_H:  That’s nice, but you know, I like going to the store and getting the apples they have at the store. It makes me feel safe.

Kelsey:  OK, but can you imagine walking into your backyard and picking fruit from a tree that’s not bruised. It’s fresh and juicy.

Andy_H:  But what if that apple has some kind of worm in it. Or, I don’t know, maybe, there’s some pesticides all over.

Kelsey:  I can see you’re very skeptical, but I promise you that it’s amazing.

Andy_H:  Oh boy! Maybe, I do need to try some fresh fruit.

Kelsey:  Did you try the apple cider I made last week?

Andy_H:  I did. It was really good.

Kelsey:  That was from apples from my friend’s orchard.

Andy_H:  No way! I thought you bought that.

Kelsey:  Nope.

Andy_H:  Well, well, well… Maybe, I should go pick some fruit with you.


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Kelsey is excited because her best friend lives on an orchard. She loves picking fruit in her friend’s orchard and has even made fresh apple cider from her friend’s apples. She thinks it’s amazing to be able to go into the backyard and pick fresh fruit at any time during the summer.

Kelsey tells Andy about the orchard, but Andy is skeptical. He prefers to buy his fruit from the store. It makes him feel safer to know that there isn’t a worm in his apples or fresh pesticides on his fruit. However, Kelsey tells him that he already drank apple cider from her friend’s orchard. Maybe, it’s time for Andy to try some fresh fruit after all.

Where do you get your fruit? What do you like to make with fruit?



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When i was a little boy i used to pick up fruits in my father’s garden.Sometimes i ate them freshly.But now it’s totally different i Buy fruits to make juice.

02:27 PM Nov 06 2020 |



My grandpa has a small farm and there are some fruit trees, so I use it to pick bananas, oranges, lemon, acerola and another ones.

04:51 PM Jun 11 2020 |



i got my fruit at the  groceriy store. i made juice with my fruit ,or i eat it plain/

03:25 AM May 07 2020 |


Rani77Super Member!


by the grace of god we have a house and planting is my hobby,  we have many fruit trees in our Garden,  we love to eat fresh fruit  everyday 

04:35 PM May 02 2020 |

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*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

I usually pick up fruit from grocery store. Fruit look nice and  good there but i do not mind getting my fruit from trees . If i got a chance to pick fruit,i would definitely going to enjoy doing it.

I am a big fan of fruit salad and what i like to do is to squeeze lemon on my salad. It tastes heavenly.Wink

10:04 AM May 28 2016 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Like most of the people I buy fruit from the store. Fruit on the store are often bright and bold but unfortunately all of them are poisoned with pesticide and they are not in good condition.

I sometimes go to the village and I can pick or buy some fresh, non contaminated fruits.
You know it’s amazing picking fresh fruit from trees in the orchards.

If fruits are high, my mother may makes jam or dries them or makes vinegar.

03:55 PM May 25 2016 |



I have a little garden when grow fruit tree. I always have fresh apples, pears and plums. I love apple pie and compote.

My grandmother have a kiwi tree in backyard. It’s stragne and confusing because my country to cold for this tree. She never use any pesticide and other substances but this tree is growing and fruiting.

01:07 PM May 25 2016 |




i don’t like buying fruits from store because of green fruit however it seems good.no taste with all hormone fertilizers. i am lucky my parents has orchard i gather fruits from there so delicious and fresh without artificial drugs. yes sometime you can find worm inside them but as article says worms don’t eat much. there isn’t any worms it is time to afraid for your heath thus, warms come nature fruits

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