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Cleaning the Bathroom
Cleaning the Bathroom

Learn English meaning of 'cleaning the bathroom'

Date: Jun 09 2020

Themes: Health, Hobbies, Time

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Weekends can be a lot of fun! You can sleep in, or you can get up early and go for a run. You can stay home and read a book, or you can go out and see your friends. You can walk in a park, eat at a restaurant, and do things you don’t have time to do during the week. Most people like the weekend because it’s a time to relax. However, if you need to do some scrubbing, your weekend probably won’t be so fun.

That’s right: We’re talking about cleaning the bathroom. If you’re lucky, you have a cleaning service to do this. If you’re not lucky, you have to scrub all the grime by yourself. If your bathroom is very dirty, it might take hours of backbreaking work to make it clean. You’ll need bleach, gloves, and good music to listen to. After a few hours, your shower and toilet will be clean and shiny again. Then you can stop cleaning and go have fun!

Kelsey and Gary are talking about cleaning the bathroom. Listen to this lesson to find out who likes cleaning the bathroom and who wants to hire a cleaning service.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Gary:  Sometimes I really don’t like the weekends because I have to clean the bathroom.

Kelsey:  Oh, really? You don’t like cleaning your bathroom?

Gary:  You like cleaning your bathroom?

Kelsey:  Yes! It feels so good to take something that’s so dirty to completely clean.

Gary:  So, you like getting in there and scrubbing all the grime, the backbreaking work, hours in the shower, scrubbing, to get a clean shower.

Kelsey:  Scrubbing the toilet, using bleach, all of it.

Gary:  Whoa. I often have actually thought about calling a cleaning service because it just feels easier.

Kelsey:  Well, if you don’t want to spend the time doing it…

Gary:  Yeah.

Kelsey:  ... I guess that makes sense. I just enjoy it so much. I like to reach my standard. My standard of cleaning is actually better than the industry standard of cleaning services, so I would never go to a cleaning service.

Gary:  I may have to hire you, then! Are you available for hire?

Kelsey:  You know, I will consider it.

Gary:  Let me know what your rates are.

Kelsey:  Okay.


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Gary likes the weekends, but he really doesn’t like cleaning his bathroom on the weekends. He’s surprised to hear that Kelsey doesn’t agree with him. To Gary, cleaning is hours of backbreaking work and scrubbing. He thinks it might be easier to just use a cleaning service. That way, he can have a clean shower and still have fun on the weekends.

Kelsey is different. She likes cleaning her bathroom. She has a high standard of cleaning, so she uses bleach and scrubs away the grime herself. In fact, she thinks she does a better job than a cleaning service! Because of this, Gary asks if he can hire her to clean his bathroom. Kelsey says she will think about her rates and consider his offer.

Do you clean the bathroom yourself? Or do you hire a cleaning service to do it?



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La Princesse de la vie


I’m surprised by the comments here, especially by men from different parts of the world. Do men really clean by themselves? Let alone bathrooms!

I’m not surprised if someone likes cleaning bathrooms, especially after I had known about my closest friend’s special taste in cleaning bathrooms! I mean I can’t get shocked twice from the same thing!

Luckily enough, I still don’t have to clean the bathroom myself, buy at some point in the future I know I’ll have to :D

07:53 PM Jul 02 2016 |

1 person likes this




I clean the bathroom by myself,i don’t hate doing that,it’s enjoyable,to make things clean again,but it’s kind of tiring that’s all.

01:46 PM Jun 03 2016 |



I do clean the bathroom by myself. No doubt it’s a backbreaking experience but cost-saving, even a joyful thing to see the shinning and clean bathroom thenafter. In the process, I have to suffer the strong odour of bleach and triedness of scrubbing. However, no pains, no gain.

08:16 AM Jun 03 2016 |



I don’t like cleaning. It’s just too tiresome. But I do it because I have too. Although I am very lazy, I prefer cleaning my bathroom myself.

04:05 PM May 30 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Bathroom and toilet are need to clean when they have grime.

Actually we must clean everywhere of home or apartment periodically, otherwise we can’t enjoy atmosphere of home or apartment.

I agree with Gary, scrubbing is difficult work and I don’t like this aspect of this issue! But the other aspect, I mean to take them to completely clean is enjoyable for me.


Saudi Arabia

yes i like to clean our bathroom by my self

actually i became intersting when i got good clean

and i feel comfortable when i taking shower or other uses

but i dont like to use the bleach it has dirty smell (:

12:04 PM May 30 2016 |




Although I don´t have a high standard of cleaning,i consider that the bathroom and the kitchen must be spotless . They are like a ” Letter of Presentation” ,must be impeccable, they speak about who we are. I can afford a cleaning service but i prefer doing it myself. I can save that money for other purposes. 




i do clean the bathroom myself,but i’m a lazybone,i clean it twice in a month or so

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