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Learn English meaning of ‘antiques’

Date: Jun 01 2020

Themes: Family, Hobbies

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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You probably know someone who likes to collect things. You may even be a person who enjoys collecting. Some people collect stamps and photographs while others collect vintage antiques and heirlooms. In many families, it is traditional for these special mementos to be passed down from parents to their children. It helps to keep family memories alive.

It can be fun to collect many different things, but you have to be careful not to go overboard. A beautiful collection can quickly grow into messy clutter. If you can’t find your everyday things because of your collection, it might be time to sell something! The great news is that antiques are usually very valuable, and you might make good money by selling a few of them.

Gary and Jessica are talking about their antique collections. Listen to today’s English lesson to learn about some of the special things they own.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jessica:  I was cleaning my house this weekend, and there was so much clutter. I think that I went overboard with collecting.

Gary:  Uh-oh!

Jessica:  I’ve been collecting antiques for a while now, and they’re everywhere.

Gary:  I don’t know if you know this, but I have a huge amount of vintage antiques.

Jessica:  Wow!

Gary:  Yeah. We’ve got heirlooms from my wife’s grandmother.

Jessica:  Oh, wow!

Gary:  We’ve got so many mementos from my mom’s side of the family, from my dad’s side of the family… all 70, 80, some 120 years old.

Jessica:  Oh! That’s incredible! I bet some of those are very valuable.

Gary:  I think so. We have a piece from 1910 Italy.

Jessica:  Wow! That’s incredible.

Gary:  It looks so great. It’s almost like everything old is new again.

Jessica:  Exactly! It sounds like you have a lot of things that have been passed down from generation to generation, and you’ve held onto them. You should try to sell some… see what they’re worth.

Gary:  I was going to say the same to you. I think you’ve got something you could sell.


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Jessica has been collecting antiques for a long time. Now, she has so many vintage pieces that her house is getting messy. She tells Gary about this clutter, and Gary tells her that he also has many antiques. Gary’s parents received these antiques from their families and then passed them down to him. Now, he owns many classic heirlooms.

Jessica thinks it’s wonderful that Gary has so many mementos from his family. They both agree that their antique collections are probably very valuable. If they sell some of them, they might make some good money. And, if they do this, Jessica’s house won’t be so cluttered anymore.

What is your most valuable memento? Do you have a special collection?



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United Arab Emirates

I dont like old things at all, I just keep old photos from dad’s n  mother’s sides of families 

08:17 PM Jun 21 2016 |




There is a show on TV where a  couple of guys are driving a van visiting many American States  in search of antiques .It is amazing to see how some people were hoarding so many things throughout their entire life. I only have a letter addressed to my mother from former President Peron´s wife , Eva Duarte de Peron, best known as Evita .Madonna made her worldwide famous  portraying her in a film and singing ” don´t cry for me Argentina” . I believe that it might have some value should i want to sell it to a collector. 

09:45 PM Jun 15 2016 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

When I was teenager, I started to collect stamps and my earliest written. Collecting stamps, I don’t know when, of a time I didn’t continue.
Collecting things as memento is a kind of addiction. You collect things like photos, books, stamps, CDs and the other things, one day you think you spent half of your life for collecting, organizing and keeping them. You see you don’t have space for yourself, around of you is too sloppy.

I started to throw things away from a few years ago, specially last year I throw a lot of things away. My new addictions in recently year is throwing extra things out, almost every year.

But it is interesting to see what I wore when I was kid, or my handwriting when I started to write or my first essays and so on.

03:19 PM Jun 15 2016 |

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