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Twister Turns 50
Twister Turns 50

Learn English meaning of 'Twister'

Date: Aug 12 2016


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How flexible are you? To find out, try playing Twister. You need a special mat for this game. The mat has red, blue, yellow, and green circles. You put your hands and feet on the circles, and things get crazy fast!

Soon, your body will be twisted up, and you’ll probably start laughing. Playing Twister is much more fun than a regular board game. This year is Twister’s fiftieth anniversary, so it’s a great time to try the game for yourself.


flexible adj.


Example I can touch my toes. I am pretty flexible.

mat n.


Example Please take your shoes off and put them on the mat by the door.

board game n.


Example My favorite board game is "Life."

anniversary n.


Example Next month Rob and I will celebrate our three year wedding anniversary! I can't believe we have already been married for three years!

twisted up adj.


Example Can you help me? My shoelace is all twisted up and I can't untie it.

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Do you play Twister? What is your favorite board game?


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United States

I don’t play Twister game

02:21 PM Nov 07 2020 |


United States

I don’t play Twister game

02:20 PM Nov 07 2020 |


United States

@Jenifervan: Hey what’s this game? I haven’t heard this game name before and I believe there is no such game, if you have link please share so I could check. I have some coupons for games which I recently got from pennysaviour.com and I’ll get discounts on my games shopping :)

07:17 AM Jan 18 2019 |


United States

Hi, I don’t play Twister game but my friends love to play this game back to school deals and coupons. My friends forcing me to play Twister game because Twister is a game of physical skill and by playing this game, you can raise your physical skills. Now I think I should play this game. 

06:21 AM Jul 20 2017 |



Russian Federation

I’ve never played twister before. As for the board games there are a lot of them rather intresting. For example we like to play with friends Imaginarium and Alias.  

12:34 PM Aug 14 2016 |



Russian Federation

It is necessary to try this game!

06:34 AM Aug 14 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


I like to play this game but don’t know who with. Every one is so stiff and with back pain problem. Apples to apples I think is one widely played. The board games should be always updated otherwise they’re easily and speedily get boring to play.
Twister by miracle is still more or less popular because it’s fun to play.

04:42 AM Aug 13 2016 |


United States

Twister games are the best excersices for kids to memorize new words. If you want to help your child with practicing English as well as receive great homework help  check custom essay writing service that will be much more effective.

12:46 PM Aug 12 2016 |




I don’t play Twister.But, I see lot of people play the game specially on the beach.

09:45 AM Aug 12 2016 |

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