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Hot Springs
Hot Springs

Learn English meaning of 'hot springs'

Date: Sep 26 2016

Themes: Friend, Health, Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Sometimes, life is hard. What do you do when life feels hard? Do you go for a hike? Do you call a friend? Do you get away from your regular life and travel to another city? Do you unwind with a massage? There are many different things that people can do to let it all go. Some are passive, like watching TV, and others are active, like swimming.

Visiting a hot spring is both passive and active… and fun! Hot springs are places where hot water comes up from the ground. They are usually in nature, so you must hike or drive there. At the hot spring, you might sit in a natural spring or in a hot tub to relax in the water. People say this is extremely therapeutic.

Andy is having the single worst month of his life. Jordin thinks it would be good for him to relax at a hot spring. Listen to this English lesson to find out about Jordin’s favorite hot spring.


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Andy_H:  Jordin! I have had the single worst month in my life. I’ve had like seven projects, my girlfriend left me. I need to get away somewhere and just unwind and let it all go.

Jordin:  I have a great idea for you. Have you ever been to Bagby Hot Springs?

Andy_H:  No. What is that?

Jordin:  It is the best. You just drive forty five minutes outside the city. There’s this hike that you can take and it’s, like, fifteen minutes or so.

Andy_H:  OK.

Jordin:  You go out and it’s beautiful. You’re walking along this great creek, and there are trees everywhere. You get there and there are these little huts with hot tubs, with this natural hot spring water in them.

Andy_H:  Wait? Hot tubs, like, just from the ground?

Jordin:  The water comes from the ground. The hot tubs are made of wood, and it’s pretty cool. You go, and you just soak, and it is so therapeutic. I bet it would be perfect for you.

Andy_H:  It sounds like something I need. You want to come with me?

Jordin:  Yes! I love Bagby so much!

Andy_H:  Let’s do it!


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Andy is stressed. This month was a terrible month. In fact, it was the single worst month of this life. He had many problems, and now he just wants to let it all go. Instead of staying home, he wants to get away and relax in a nice place. Jordin has an idea! She tells him about one of her favorite places to unwind.

Jordin likes to visit Bagby Hot Springs because it’s near the city. To get to the hot springs, people must go on a hike along a beautiful creek. The hot springs are at the end of the hike. There are little huts and hot tubs for people to unwind in. It’s very therapeutic to relax in hot water. Jordin and Andy decide to go to Bagby Hot Springs and get away from their problems.

What is your favorite way to unwind? How do you let it all go?



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by doing massage, yoga and seeing beautuful view. I did massage twice a week sometimes. And I am lucky to be able to see beautiful beach everyday and hear the birds singing. Oh and the sunset is amazing. Those made my day.

04:00 PM Sep 26 2016 |




I do it the same way like Andy and Jordan. If I need a break, I go to places that gives me strength again. To sit nearby a creek or just on a little winehill with a great view to a lake is so calming and I feel free of all my problems. Even if they are still there. In the nature I can hear the voice of my heart more clearly, so it is really easy to get an appropriate solution.

Last week I visited the most beautiful place I have ever seen. In Slovenia is a great national park and one attraction you can visit are the divine Tolmin Gorges. There is a spring too. :) The temperature of the spring is about 18 or 19 °C. It wasn`t my first and last trip to the gorges.

30 Minutes from my hometown, there is also a spring. The thermal spring flows only once a year, after snowmelt or hard showers. It´s absolutely unique to unwind in 28°C and the snow around you.

I am so thankful to live in the most beautiful place in the world. I guess ;) You will always find a place to relax and get rid of your little problems.

08:44 AM Sep 26 2016 |



 Sports. My most favorite way is walking. I could be walking and walking.

  Now I love walking so much that every day I walk one hour before going to work and one hour before going home. I enjoy the walking.

   Then the second way is playing the table tennis ball. But this sport needs two people and it is limited to the level of playing of the other people. It is not convenient as walking which is not limited by the time and the place and the person.

  The third way is reading book. When I am indulged in the story of the book , I could forget all other problems.

  The fourth way is writing. Whether when I was sad or depression or desirable, I could write the feeling. After I wrote, I could feel better.

  Yes, sometimes ,life is hard. We need to do something to make our feeling better. Sometimes, we need to think over our life with another way of thought. If the length of life is limited, the result is chosen by our own, why don’t we choice to go through our life happily every day?


    All the problems we met in our life have a result at last, no matter it is, our feeling will not change it. So, we can choice happy, we can  choice sad, we can depression, why can’t we choice happy?

05:19 AM Sep 26 2016 |



Actually there are many of ways to unwind. most effective way for me personally is to play football with bunch of friends as well as swimming. I never tried that hot tub but it seems also great way to let all go. I love to try it one day if I get troubles in my life. water is life and life is water isn’t it?

04:30 AM Sep 26 2016 |

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