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Ben and Jerry's
Ben and Jerry's

Learn English meaning of 'Ben and Jerry's'

Date: Sep 02 2016

Themes: Food, News


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Are you a fan of ice cream? Ice cream is a wonderful food, but some people have health problems after they eat it. These people are lactose intolerant. But don’t worry: Ben and Jerry’s has the answer!

Ben and Jerry are two hippies from Vermont. They make regular ice cream and special ice cream with no cow milk. They are also active in many social causes. The next time you want ice cream, buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.


fan n.


Example I'm not a big Poison fan, but I'll go to the concert with you.

Example I'm a Seattle Mariners fan. They're definitely my favorite baseball team.

Example I've always been an Ozzy Osbourne fan, even before he was on TV.

Example I am a big Wham fan and have been listening to their albums since I was a child.

Example I have been a fan of heavy metal music since I was a young boy.

lactose intolerant adj.


Example Our mother is lactose intolerant, so we buy her soy milk.

hippie n.


Example My mother was a hippie. She lived in San Francisco in the 1960s and wore flowers in her hair.

active in expr.


Example My mom is really active in our church choir. She sings, plays the piano, and helps the choir raise money to buy new music.

pint n.


Example I love ice cream! I can eat an entire pint by myself.

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Do you know someone who is lactose intolerant? Do they eat ice cream?


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I love ice cream.When I was unhappy,I would ate the ice cream.But I seldom eat the ice cream is too cold to bad for my health.

01:45 PM Sep 04 2016 |




i do adore ice cream so much and i dont have any problem with dairy thanks god for that but i dont eat ice cream too much too because it gains me much wight that i dont need it 

08:46 AM Sep 04 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


I love ice cream. Usually go for the blast from the past that is so called Eskimo. It’s so creamy, chocolate dipped. I tried once gluten free ice cream. It’s horrible. Ice cream should be rich creamy or I won’t eat it at all.

06:54 PM Sep 03 2016 |



I like organic healthy food, almost eat no processed food but the ‘Ice cream’

10:03 PM Sep 02 2016 |



in my oppinion all this is come  by mode look like vegan

10:10 AM Sep 02 2016 |



  No. there is no one who is lactose intolerant around me. I and my children all like the ice cream. But I seldom allow my children to eat it for that the ice cream is too cold to child’s stomach. So I seldom to eat it too because I must do be a good example for my children.

01:59 AM Sep 02 2016 |

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