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Naked and Afraid
Naked and Afraid

Learn English meaning of 'Naked and Afraid'

Date: Sep 30 2016

Themes: Hobbies, How To, Pop Culture, Travel


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One night, you have a nightmare. You dream you must survive in the wild. You’re naked. You are not allowed to have clothes, food, water, or a map. Oh, and you must live with a naked stranger for these three weeks. You must find food and water together, and you must help each other to survive.

Does this sound like a scary nightmare? Surprise! It’s not a dream. It’s actually a TV show called Naked and Afraid. Do you watch it?


nightmare n.


Example Going to the dentist was a nightmare. I was there for 3 hours!

survive v.


Example Most deer don't survive the winter.

wild n.


Example I don't like the wild. I think it's a dangerous place.

allowed adj.


Example We aren't allowed to bring backpacks into the movie theater.

stranger n.


Example My mother told me not to take candy from a stranger.

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Do you spend a lot of time in the wild? Could you survive there for three weeks?


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I never spend a lot of time in the wild. And i can never image the picture that a naked me stands in front of a naked stanger and whats worse, staying in the wilderness for 21 days with no food and water supply. If the show is not staged, then these people on the show are so brave and awesome. And the man can survive in this situation, just have the excellent ability to craft many tools and have the strong will.

10:07 AM Dec 08 2016 |




I have watched this TV show on TV and I think it‘s somehow staged. I don’t spend a lot of time in the wild. Neither do I think I could survive there for three weeks. I’m way tok timid.:(

07:38 AM Oct 16 2016 |



No, i did not spend a lot of time in the wild, i am scarry about the snackes and big bugs.

12:44 PM Oct 01 2016 |

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I have never seen this TV show, but in reality i dreamt things like that when I was alone in wild and so terrified and a very big snake want to eat me and I shout with loud voice, no body listen no power to escape, It was really terrifying for me. 

I like this new vocab for me (boy scout and staged)

I guess will have a look in youtube to see more about this TV Show :) 

05:41 AM Sep 30 2016 |

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