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bring one back

bring one back

Date: Oct 06 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Holidays, Romance


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“There are things that I smell that really bring me back. It can remind you of a place or a person more acutely than many other things can.”

—Actor Jared Leto speaking about memories and smell.


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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remind a person of an important memory

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Our human senses are incredible. For example, the senses of smell and taste are strongly connected to memory. You might walk down the street and smell someone’s perfume. If it was the same perfume your grandmother wore, you would have happy memories of her. Or you might taste something that reminds you of your trip to another country. The special flavor would bring your travel memories into your mind.

When you have an experience like this, the smell or taste brings you back to a past time. You don’t actually time travel, of course. But your senses remind you of a memory, and your mind brings you back. Jared Leto recently played The Joker in the movie Suicide Squad. Now, he is advertising a new Gucci fragrance. He is happy to do this because he thinks that the connection between smell and memory is very important. He likes it when a smell brings him back to a good memory.

Which smells bring you back to happy memories? Which other senses bring you back in time?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“The smell of chalk and classrooms brings me back to my childhood.”

“When I smell my girlfriend’s hair, it brings me back to the day I first met her.”

“Eating pizza and watching movies brings me back to my best memories of high school.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Return to consciousness.
by williamnewseasonSuper Member!
when something reminds one of memories
by La Princesse de la vie
a2020 Remember the past.
by a2020

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Some spices bring me back to the times when my mom cooked her delicious soup

03:51 PM Apr 21 2017 |




Truly, the human senses are incredible. I have the same experience of that. Eating the similar food which brings me back to the travel I had before.

08:50 AM Dec 08 2016 |



United Kingdom

The smell of stationary box brings me back to my schooldays; when I used to have my love with pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. Also, few of our teachers used to wear perfumes and now when someone wears the same perfumes, it brings me back to school. 

01:33 PM Nov 12 2016 |






I do believe smells grow up and develop by passing time. As we get older and older many smells bring a lot of specific stuff back to us.

We shouldn’t forget that bring ones back contains dual sides constituting both happy and sad sides.

Unhappy side of the mentioned terminology:

Watching old family pictures bring me back my father’s memories. He passed away several months before. His face and his lovely voice come to me since I start watching related family videos. In fact those and the recorded moments within the images start making connection between us even though I know I won’t see him again in my life!!  

The happy side:

For instance when I bigin eating slice of pizza, it directly brings me back to Istanbul, Turkey and Taksim square. The amazing time that my wife and I were together and watching movie and eating very delicious type of pizza in the same time. It brings me back those lovely moments full of exciting along with happiness.


This is life.

Life brings us many things and in future it will go on too.

Hope that it shows the best side to u all English-baby members. 

07:33 PM Oct 15 2016 |

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When the leaves starts to fall and everthing turns to yellow this season brings me back to different memories – one of them is as my husband visit me for the first time at home. It was very exciting and great time. At the Fall season the memories comes back and  I like to remember me this time every fall again.

07:21 PM Oct 15 2016 |


United States

The smell of the cereal “Wheaties” (wheat flakes) brings back memories of my childhood.

When I hear music from the sixties it likewise brings back my high school years.

10:31 PM Oct 06 2016 |




When by chance i hear on the radio music from the fifties it brings back memories of my younger years.

09:54 PM Oct 06 2016 |

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