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Green with Envy
Green with Envy English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘green with envy’

Date: Sep 20 2016

Themes: Soap Opera, Time, Travel

Grammar: Be Able To


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You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel a little jealous sometimes. It’s difficult when someone has something that you want. Maybe, your best friend just bought the most beautiful dress. You wanted to buy the same dress, but your friend bought it first. Now, she gets to show off the beautiful dress, and you are still wearing your same old clothes. What a nightmare! In situations like these, it is difficult not to feel green with envy.

When someone is “green with envy,” they feel very jealous. They want what someone else has, but they can’t get it. A person can also feel green with envy because someone else is getting all the attention. For example, it might be neat to meet someone who can time travel. However, being friends with this person might be difficult because everyone will want to talk to them about their amazing experiences. They may not talk to you, and you might feel green with envy.

Andy had an awesome dream last night. Watch today’s English soap opera to find out if it makes Kelsey green with envy.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Andy_H:  Yeah, they just took his face right off of… Whoa!

Kelsey:  What is it, Andy?

Andy_H:  I had a dream about that car last night…. I think…

Kelsey:  OK, and….

Andy_H:  Wait, it’s coming back to me….

Kelsey:  Good dream or bad dream?

Andy_H:  Ummmm… Good. No, no, no, no, bad.

Kelsey:  Like a nightmare?

Andy_H:  No, no… That’s it! It’s coming back to me. Yes! This is a good one. This one will make you green with envy.

Kelsey:  Why? Were you able to fly?

Andy_H:  Well, no.

Kelsey:  Oh.

Andy_H:  But it was still fun.

Kelsey:  Were you able to time travel?

Andy_H:  No…. Well, kind of, yeah!

Kelsey:  Really? Neat! Where did you go? What did you see?

Andy_H:  Well, I was a cop….

Kelsey:  And?

Andy_H:  And you were there….

Kelsey:  And?

Andy_H:  And it was the 1970s….

Kelsey:  Wow! This is getting better.

Andy_H:  Actually, I think it was the 1980s…

Kelsey:  This is even better! Wow, Andy, I like your dreams!

Andy_H:  Cool, right? It just does not feel right. No, I think it was the 1970s…

Kelsey:  Well, I like the 1980s better. You were making me green with envy with that dream.

Andy_H:  No, no, no, this is better! Now, where to start….

Kelsey:  You were a cop, and it was the 1970s.

Andy_H:  Right. I was a cop, and I was on a really important case. I was undercover, and I was in that car! Groovy, right? I was a cop on an important case, and I was sitting in this car. And Jordin was there.

Jordin:  Wait, what? Why am I here?

Kelsey:  It’s Andy’s dream.

Jordin:  Oh. Why am I dressed like this?

Kelsey:  It’s the 1970s, and it’s going to make us green with envy.

Jordin:  Why would we be jealous?

Andy_H:  Because it’s fun! I always wanted to be a 1970s cop! And now, where were we…



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Andy and Kelsey are walking down the street. Suddenly, Andy sees an old car that reminds him of a dream he had. He slowly begins to remember the details of the dream. He thinks that Kelsey will be jealous because it was such a cool dream. It happened in the past, and Andy was a cop. At first, he thinks it happened in the 1970s… or was it the 1980s?

Andy decides that the dream was in the 1970s. Suddenly, he and Kelsey are inside the dream. They are wearing clothing from the 1970s, and they are inside the old car. Andy explains that he was working an important case. Also, he remembers that Jordin was in the dream. Suddenly, Jordin appears, but she is very confused. Kelsey explains that Andy wants them to be jealous of his awesome dream.

Did you ever time travel in your dreams? What was the most interesting dream you’ve had?



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I can’t memorize what and who had made me green with envy last time.

12:36 PM Feb 14 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Jealous people dont have peace and calm

07:39 PM Sep 26 2016 |


United States

Everyone desire to wear a good dress which others have not but it is good for us to appreciate, if we like our friends dress. Your information is too right but the need is to give appreciation and not jealous of their awesome dreams and write my paper is the best option to complete the assignment work.

11:10 AM Sep 25 2016 |



I am always green with envy when I see someone has a cool thing that I don’t have.

07:56 AM Sep 24 2016 |




I’m able to fly in my dream. That’s what make my friends green with envy. :P :P 

11:51 PM Sep 20 2016 |




i think every one feel jealousy sometimes becuase it is norman and we are human being , about me i felt jealous alot of times before during mt study when i saw some one beter than me i feel jealous but at the same time i am trying my best to compete and i think the competion is healthy for all of us

12:43 PM Sep 20 2016 |





08:05 AM Sep 20 2016 |

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