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Disney Live-Action Remakes
Disney Live-Action Remakes

Learn English meaning of ‘Disney live-action remakes’

Date: Nov 04 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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Are you old enough to remember the cartoon movie The Jungle Book? What about Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? These popular Disney movies were first made in the 1950s and 1960s as cartoons. Now, Walt Disney Studios is remaking these movies and others in live action. They are telling the same story for a new audience of both children and adults.

Some people doubt that Disney can top their original cartoon movies. After all, they are some of the most popular movies ever made. However, the new live-action movies are getting high ratings, and many people enjoy each new revamp. People say that they are gorgeous to watch, and they tell these popular stories well.

Brian hasn’t seen any of the live-action Disney remakes, so he asks Jordin about them. Find out if he decides to give them a chance in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  Jordin, have you seen the new Jungle Book movie?

Jordin:  I have not, but my dad and my sister saw it, and they both had ratings of high approval.

Brian:  Really? And that’s a live-action movie.

Jordin:  Yeah, it was a live action, and they said that it was actually really wonderful and visually gorgeous. I was a little nervous about the idea of it.

Brian:  Right, because they’re remaking the cartoon.

Jordin:  Yeah, they’re remaking the cartoon, and I was like, “Well, how are they going to top that?”

Brian:  Is the story any different, or is it just a revamp?

Jordin:  From what I can tell, it stays pretty close to the original.

Brian:  Seeing all these live-action remakes, like Cinderella, and there was Snow White and the Huntsman…

Jordin:  Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Brian:  And there was one about the queen from Sleeping Beauty.

Jordin:  Oh! Is that part of this whole deal, or are those separate?

Brian:  I think so. I think a lot of them are made by Disney. I kind-of feel like maybe they’re killing my childhood, but I haven’t seen any of them, so I can’t judge it immediately. But I kind-of wonder… what’s the point? It seems like it makes it way more serious, and maybe, that’s the point.

Jordin:  I don’t know. I think it’s money making, mostly.

Brian:  I bet you’re right.

Jordin:  But…

Brian:  It seems like they’re sticking around, so we better give them a chance, I guess.

Jordin:  I guess.


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Brian wants to know more about Walt Disney Studios’ new movies. He knows that Disney has been remaking a lot of their cartoon movies in live action. But he is also worried that these revamps might kill his childhood memories. He asks Jordin if she saw The Jungle Book in theaters. She did not, but some of her family members did. They loved the new movie and thought that it was beautiful.

Jordin understands how Brian feels. She was nervous about the new movies, too. She was worried that they could never be as good as the original cartoons. She is happy to hear that they have high ratings, and many people like them. Jordin tells Brian that Disney probably just wants to make more money. He agrees, but he also suggests that they give the new movies a chance.

Do you like live-action remakes? What is your favorite Disney story?



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- Ian Janik

03:26 PM Jan 29 2018 |

gresanpu6981Super Member!


I like the new live-action remakes movies because these revamps are for kids and adults. we could watch them with sons or nephews and enjoy it like children.

I have my remake movie, that I enjoyed it watching. it’s transformers. I know that it doesnot from disney story, but it’s a revamp one. 

03:04 PM Nov 06 2016 |

1 person likes this




I like Cartoons movie really, they are taking me to different worlds for a few hours, bring me joy and laugh . for me, its important that quality of these movies,not their producing company..but ı dont like live action of these cartoons, ı watched last time ” the Smurfs” but ı didnt take pleasure in compare with its original cartoon movie.

01:10 PM Nov 04 2016 |

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