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Learn English meaning of 'genealogy'

Date: Nov 21 2016

Themes: Family, Hobbies

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Do you know who your ancestors were? To find out, you might need to look in an old photo album, ask your parents for a family tree, or get in touch with older relatives. It can be hard to learn about your family roots if your ancestors lived in another country. In this case, you might need to use a special website to see the obituaries of relatives who passed a long time ago. This kind of research is called genealogy.

Once you know who your ancestors were, you can find new family members who live far away. For example, maybe, you find out that your great-grandfather lived in France, and that you still have relatives living there today. Maybe, you find out that your great-grandmother was an only child, but she had two daughters who moved to Canada. Once you find all these family members, it’s a good time to plan a family reunion!

Dominique and Gary are talking about genealogy. Listen to this English lesson to learn more about their families.


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Dominique:  OK, so I found a family tree in an old photo album and it got me thinking, I wanted to know more about my grandparents.

Gary:  That’s so great! Following the roots of our families really helps to connect with all of our ancestors.

Dominique:  I wanted to get in touch with my great-grandfather, my great-grandmother, her mother’s mother, but I don’t know where to start.

Gary:  I actually used a website to help with my family tree. My family actually documented all of the obituaries of everyone who’s passed.

Dominique:  What?

Gary:  So, because of the obituaries, I can see who all the brothers and sisters and children were of all of these people and see how they’re connected. This website took all of this information and helped us to learn even more about our history.

Dominique:  Are you guys going to do anything with it? Are you going to have, maybe, a family reunion?

Gary:  We actually are! We’re scheduling it for next year, and I think the last count was about 150 people.

Dominique:  Whoa!

Gary:  I know. And I’m an only child, so who are all these people?

Dominique:  Instant family.

Gary:  It’s going to be amazing.


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Dominique is interested in genealogy. She wants to learn more about her ancestors. She found a family tree in an old photo album and tells Gary that she wants to get in touch with her great-grandfather and other relatives. But how? Luckily, Gary has some experience with genealogy.

Gary knows a lot about his family’s roots. There are two reasons for this. First, he used a website to make a family tree. Second, his family has the obituaries of family members who have already passed, so he knows how everyone was connected. Because of all this genealogy work, Gary’s family can now plan a large family reunion.

What do you know about your ancestors? Do you have a photo album or a family tree?



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my ancestors come from mesopotamia i don’t have an album .i don’t know who my great grand-mother and great grand-father. i know just my grand-mother and great-father 

08:43 PM Nov 21 2016 |

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Genealogy is a popular study recently ..normally Every person wonders whos their ancestors,where and how they lived ..

for me its very complicated story..they say ,we came from near river Kuban ,Caucassia lands 150 years ago to Anatolia ( Ottoman Empire) land.and my childhood passed as listening the Caucassia stories ..they were narrating, river Kuban was blue too much and Caucasia mountains were emerald green ..like  a fairtale..))

03:28 PM Nov 21 2016 |

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