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Learn English meaning of 'genealogy'

Date: Nov 21 2016

Themes: Family, Hobbies


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A photo album is very useful for genealogy. A photo album has pictures of relatives and ancestors. A photo album might have a family tree with information about births, marriages, children, and deaths.

Dominique found a family tree in an old photo album. Gary’s family does a lot of genealogy and will have a family reunion soon. Listen to this English lesson to learn more about the families of Gary and Dominique.


ancestors n.


Example My ancestors come from Germany and Scotland.

photo album n.


Example I have a photo album that contains lots of pictures of me and my friends.

family tree n.


Example I want to make a family tree to learn more about my relatives and ancestors.

only child n.


Example I was an only child, but I hung out with my cousins when I was young.

family reunion n.


Example We are having a family reunion this weekend. I haven't seen some of my relatives for years!

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What do you know about your ancestors? Do you have a photo album or a family tree?


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my ancestors come from mesopotamia i don’t have an album .i don’t know who my great grand-mother and great grand-father. i know just my grand-mother and great-father 

08:43 PM Nov 21 2016 |

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Genealogy is a popular study recently ..normally Every person wonders whos their ancestors,where and how they lived ..

for me its very complicated story..they say ,we came from near river Kuban ,Caucassia lands 150 years ago to Anatolia ( Ottoman Empire) land.and my childhood passed as listening the Caucassia stories ..they were narrating, river Kuban was blue too much and Caucasia mountains were emerald green ..like  a fairtale..))

03:28 PM Nov 21 2016 |

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