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Haunted Houses
Haunted Houses

Learn English meaning of ‘haunted houses’

Date: Oct 31 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Holidays, Party

Grammar: First Conditional


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Today is a very popular holiday in the United States. It’s Halloween! On Halloween, people wear costumes. These costumes are usually creepy things, like witches, clowns, or vampires. People try to make their friends scared on this holiday. They might go trick-or-treating, or they could go to a haunted house.

At a haunted house, people explore a scary place together. There might be cobwebs on the walls or a dead man with a chainsaw. People will hear eerie sounds from ghosts or monsters. Sometimes, there is a maze, and people have to be careful not to get lost as they try to run away from the haunted house. After being happily terrified, people end the night by eating a lot of Halloween candy.

Andy is super excited because he is going to work at a haunted house this year. However, Dominique is happy to stay home. Learn her reasons in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Andy_H:  Boo! Ow!

Dominique:  Gosh, Andy! What the heck!

Andy_H:  I’m sorry! I’m just practicing for the haunted house. Ow! Geesh!

Dominique:  What haunted house?!?!

Andy_H:  Well… it just so happens that I get to work at a haunted house this year.

Dominique:  Why would you want to do that? For what?

Andy_H:  Because haunted houses are incredible! I remember going to a haunted house for the first time when I was in sixth grade. It scared me so bad. It was awesome!

Dominique:  No, it’s kind-of creepy. And people dress up, and they jump out at you, and… as you can just see… I have really, really quick impulses so… no. People are going to end up getting hurt if I ever go.

Andy_H:  Yeah, you really do have good impulses… my eye hurts. But, no, it’s incredible. I mean, it is amazing… we can get terrified by eerie sounds or people dressed up as clowns or running around with a chainsaw

Dominique:  Oh my gosh! No!

Andy_H:  Oh, you don’t look too good.

Dominique:  I don’t do clowns, and I don’t do cobwebs. I don’t do any of that. I’ll run through the maze and go off path. No, no way! No!

Andy_H:  Well… then, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get the invite when I have all my friends come because haunted houses are just amazing.

Dominique:  More like a sorry, not sorry.

Andy_H:  OK. I’m going to go put ice on my eye…


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Andy is practicing for his job at the haunted house. He wants to scare Dominique, and he is successful… maybe, too successful. He scares her, and she impulsively hits him in the face. Dominique wants to know why he likes haunted houses because she really doesn’t like them. Andy tells her about his first haunted house experience. He loved being scared as a child.

Andy talks about some of his favorite things at a haunted house, like evil clowns, eerie noises, and people with dangerous chainsaws. Then, he notices that Dominique looks terrified. She tells him that she might break through the walls of a haunted house so she could run away. She is very afraid of these things. Andy understands, but he tells her that she will miss a great experience. She’s not sorry at all because she will be happy at home.

Have you been to a haunted house? What scares you the most?



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Hannahliu1Super Member!


Happy Halloween!
It’s very true. Haunted house is full of creepy things. The room is dark with eerie sounds, like zombie laughing, screaming. But the most scared part is you walk in a silent darkness for a sec when you hit something suddenly. I visited once. I don’t want to go back

07:30 PM Oct 31 2016 |




I remember the ghost train or tunnel of love, as it is also known while visiting an amusing park. Hilarious, riding a boat through a water-filled  and dark canal. You could hear the girls screaming with fear at hearing eerie sounds and being scared by  ghostly figures. 

04:35 PM Oct 31 2016 |

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