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Places of Worship
Places of Worship

Learn English meaning of ‘places of worship’

Date: Nov 02 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Time, Travel

Grammar: Prepositions


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Each person has their own beliefs. Sometimes, we share these beliefs with others, and at other times, these beliefs are just our own. Many people like to meet others who have similar beliefs. Often, we do this by being a member of a religious denomination. We can meet people who belong to the same religion by going to religious places together.

The world is filled with many amazing places of worship where people can celebrate with a group. Mormons meet regularly at a temple. Followers of Islam meet at a mosque. Jews go to a synagogue, and Christians go to church. These are just a few examples of the different types of places where people celebrate their beliefs.

Andy enjoys religious architecture, and he is excited to tell Jessica about his favorite place of worship. Listen to today’s English lesson to find out what it is.


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Andy_H:  I was raised as a Ukrainian Catholic, and I went to Mass. But I have to say that my favorite place of worship… that I’ve ever actually been to… is a mosque in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Jessica:  Wow!

Andy_H:  It’s called the Blue Mosque. When you actually walked into this place, it was so serene, and peaceful, and welcoming. It’s an amazing structure… just some really beautiful architecture. And that’s one of the things that I really enjoy about going to different places of worship is that, whatever religious denomination it is, they really put time into making sure the architecture matches their beliefs.

Jessica:  That is so incredible! It sounds like you had a really spiritual experience.

Andy_H:  I did! I remember looking up at all the beautiful tilework and thinking it had such a very spiritual and communal atmosphere.

Jessica:  Wow, that sounds incredible. I’ve seen pictures, but I’ve never travelled overseas, and I’ve actually never been into a local temple, or church, or synagogue that reminds me of that experience that you had.

Andy_H:  Have you ever been inside a particular church?

Jessica:  You know, there is a synagogue right near my house that was recently built, and it is actually so beautiful from the outside. I’ve wanted to go in and just see what it looks like.


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Andy grew up in the Catholic religion. However, his favorite place of worship is an Islamic mosque in Malaysia, called the Blue Mosque. He is excited to tell Jessica about visiting this mosque. He tells her that the architecture was beautiful and serene. In fact, he loves seeing how different religions create different types of buildings.

Jessica thinks that Andy’s experience was very spiritual. She would love to see many different places of worship around the world. But she has not travelled to another country, and she has only seen these places in pictures. Andy suggests that she could find an amazing place of worship near her. This reminds her that there is a beautiful new synagogue near her home.

Where is your favorite place of worship? Why do you like this place?



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I’ve been only in a church Catholic, but I’m curious to see the other place.

In Italy they are many churchs and some mosques.

Outside they are very interesting….

08:03 PM Mar 16 2017 |




Good question.

I’ve been in various religious places regarding the type of each one. I have no favorite one. However, I have a very good memory of Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul (Turkey) as well as another mosque named Shah (or Immam) in Isfahan (Iran), and Emam Reza at Meshhad (Iran). Besides that I visited very beautiful and wonderful churches in Vienna (Austria) and Venice (Italy) namely Sant Stephen’s church and San marco, respectively. I totally get in to their architectural styles. 

02:05 AM Nov 09 2016 |

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When I am travelling I like to visit Worships Mosque in Turkey, Chruch in Rome or Tempel in Bangkok. I like to see different ritual and people when they praying. It is so spirutual and for that time you are cut from the noise and rush live outside. Every people are for different reasons in the worship but one thing is in commen they believes. I like worship places as specially mosque- I like the history behind that , the architekture and peaceful serene atmoshpere. Everybody should visit this places they are so meaningful. But the meaningful and best worship was Mashed/Iran. Visit the tomb from Imam Riza and the meaningful hostory and feelings overthere. And accompanied by my finacee there and lead through the city was unforgettable experience. 

01:53 AM Nov 09 2016 |

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omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

My favourite place of worship is in a Mosque , I m a muslim and I proud to be born in a faithfull religion.

04:59 PM Nov 02 2016 |




Houses of Gods…maybe for thousands,millons years ,Human being had these houses with different styles but with same common aims…for praying and  worship to their Gods..Many people have serenity in these houses,they thank to God with prays.

10:26 AM Nov 02 2016 |



This is one of the most beautiful lesson in Ebaby- Thx for share it.

In Mèxico there are many big historical churches, and, as time passed away, they have become in museums, restaurants, schools, hotels, cafeterias, and others.

There are wonderful places here, as La Hostería del Bohemio (very romantic cafeteria for lovers) it used to be a hospital, then a monastery, then a church, a cafeteria, and finally a place for parties like weedings, graduations and others.

There is also the famous restaurant “Las Mañanitas” at Cuernavaca, “La casa de los Azulejos” in middle town, The “Churreria El Moro” and many other amazing buildings. 

In Mèxico, Alhamdulillah, there are 2 mosques. They are not big, in fact they are like houses, and are very far away one from the other., but it doesnt matter if they are big or not, I really enjoy so much to be there :)

05:18 AM Nov 02 2016 |



Seems awsome and incredible to me, most of chinese people have no religion and dont need go to places of worship. so i have never been in any bulid what they mentioned above, but i think i will try after reading this article. and good to know about the religious architecture has related with their beliefs.

03:53 AM Nov 02 2016 |

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