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Sleeping at the Museum
Sleeping at the Museum

Learn English meaning of ‘sleeping at the museum’

Date: Nov 23 2016

Themes: Alternative, Hobbies, School

Grammar: Adverbs


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Who isn’t curious about dinosaurs? Most children love to study these ancient animals. One way to get a lot of information about the history of Earth is to visit a natural history museum. What’s better than visiting during the day? Sleeping overnight in the museum, of course! Not only can you see all the artifacts without a crowd, but you can also sleep under dinosaur fossils.

In the United States, many Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops sleep at natural history museums once a year. It is a special experience. However, the adult chaperones that go with them might not have as much fun. This is because these nights are usually sleepless. With so many exciting things, the children often stay awake through the witching hour.

Andy thinks that it would be awesome to chaperone a night at the museum, but Marni has other opinions. Learn her thoughts in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  Oh my gosh, Marni! I just heard the coolest thing that you can do. You can sleep overnight at the natural history museum. Isn’t that awesome?

Marni:  You are way too excited about it. Let me tell you… I did that a few months ago, as a chaperone, and it is exhausting!

Andy_H:  Get out of here!

Marni:  I mean it is really, really cool… I will grant you that… to sleep among these artifacts, and you’re in the museum at a time that you should never be, this like witching hour. But I have to tell you, nobody sleeps. It’s just a bunch of crazy, excited kids, and so you know, you’re just spending the night sleepless in a museum.

Andy_H:  Well, how could you sleep when you’re hanging out with dinosaurs and trilobite fossils? I mean, I understand you may have been with your children, but these things just really excite me. I don’t care if I’m with a Boy Scout troop or anything. I love learning about all the different periods of our Earth’s history…

Marni:  Yes, yes…

Andy_H:  … and all the animals. It excites me!

Marni:  Well, I would highly recommend being a chaperone then because your excitement will carry you through.

Andy_H:  Where do I sign up?

Marni:  I will let you know.


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Andy just learned that the natural history museum lets kids sleep overnight. He is very excited about this new information. Marni tells him that she was a chaperone during a night at the museum. Although she loved seeing all the fossils and artifacts, it wasn’t very fun because she had a sleepless night. In fact, she was really tired the next day.

Andy doesn’t have a problem with this. He’s very excited and isn’t worried about sleeping at the museum. He just really wants to be alone with the dinosaur bones and trilobite fossils. And he would love to share the experience with children who are also excited. Marni thinks that he would be an excellent chaperone, and she says that she will give him the information he needs to sign up.

Would you like to sleep in a museum? Which museum is your favorite?



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Syrian Arab Republic

No I don’t think so I can’t imagine that and be a chaperone no never .

07:03 PM Nov 23 2016 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love to improve my knowledge about dinosaur but at museum?!

No thank you, It isn’t my type. Staring at fossils?! :)

Just give me books or movies about them. I like to see them.

Books are very good because I can imagine dinosaur when I’m reading about them.

Movies are farther better than books.

I think museums should use digital tools to help visitors feel like they are in dinosaur era.

12:11 PM Nov 23 2016 |

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