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Prank Videos
Prank Videos

Learn about prank videos in this English lesson

Date: Jan 06 2017

Themes: Alternative, Friend, Hobbies, Pop Culture

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Imagine that you are sitting peacefully in a chair. Maybe, you are reading a book or playing a game on your phone. You might even be taking a quick nap. All of a sudden, something hits you. It is your friend, and his hand is full of flour. It gets all over you, and your clothes turn white. Your friend yells, “Smack cam!” You have just been the victim of a prank video!

Prank videos are all over the internet. People film themselves playing tricks on their friends. Other pranksters play tricks on strangers. Some people even get into a prank war and play tricks on each other over and over. For many internet users, prank videos are a fun, hilarious source of entertainment. However, other people do not like these videos. They find them to be mean-spirited or too extreme.

Romeo and Dominique are talking about prank videos. Listen to find out what they think.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  Have you seen the videos of that guy, they call him Gotem?

Dominique:  No, what is it about?

Romeo:  He pranks people, and then, when they get pranked, he says, “Gotem!”

Dominique:  Yeah, no. I really don’t like prank videos. They’re not for me. They’re not funny, they’re not hilarious... they’re actually kind of mean.

Romeo:  Hmm, well, I guess it depends. I mean, if you’re the person who’s getting pranked, yeah, that would probably be cruel, but then it just ups the stakes and you’d have to get the other person back.

Dominique:  No. Have you seen the ones where they do the smack cam? With the water?

Romeo:  That was awesome.

Dominique:  So you’re sleeping, and then someone smacks you, and then they throw water… or maybe, it’s the other way around. I don’t know, but I hate it.

Romeo:  I think it’s powder, or something.

Dominique:  I wish somebody would do that to me.

Romeo:  What? You would want someone to pour flour or something…?

Dominique:  No, no, only because I don’t like it, so my reaction would just be, you know, perfect.

Romeo:  Oh, yeah. I know you, I know you really well. You’re probably more mean-spirited than the prankster.

Dominique:  Yeah, I’d go overboard.

Romeo:  OK, well, remind me never to prank you.


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Romeo asks Dominique if she has heard of someone called “Gotem.” This is an online prankster who films himself playing tricks on people, then uploads it to YouTube. Dominique has not seen any of these prank videos. She does not think prank videos are very funny. Romeo says it depends. Being pranked might feel cruel to the victim, but on the other hand, it might raise the stakes and make the victim want to get back at the person who pranked them.

Dominique thinks the worst prank videos are smack cam videos, where someone smacks someone else with water or flour while they are sleeping. However, she wishes someone would prank her. Her reaction would be perfect, and when she got revenge, it would be very mean-spirited! Romeo says that he knows Dominique too well to prank her. He does not want to find out how she would get back at him!

Would you ever prank someone? Do you watch smack cam videos?



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United Kingdom

Sometimes i do watch smack cam videos but for me these are childish. I think, pranks start its life during infancy and ripen in childhood. It get strated when infants desire attention and take pleasure from peekaboo sessions of their grown ups. Pranking feels like advance form of ‘Peekaboo’ that evolve itself during childhood. Its okay for children but if grown up start behaving like children that mean something is missing in their life. :)

07:43 AM Jan 08 2017 |



South Korea

I do like to prank people, but seriously I wouldn’t go as far as those famous smack cams. It is fun to watch such videos but I cannot imagine someone who tricks on me in such a mean way. If someone ever do it to me, I would definitely be mean-spirited and get back at the person in the most cruel way. 

04:20 PM Jan 07 2017 |



Nop, I don’t enjoy watching how people are bothered.

02:51 AM Jan 07 2017 |

The Last Joke


Prank Videos = funny. Videos = Kidding camera = Hidden camera = كاميرا خفية

11:33 AM Jan 06 2017 |

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