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Stay-at-Home Dads
Stay-at-Home Dads

Learn English meaning of 'Stay-at-Home Dads'

Date: May 10 2021

Themes: Family, News, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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Who should be the breadwinner in a family? The father? The mother? Or both? In the past, men were often the breadwinners. They went to work and brought home money. Women took care of the children and the house. A woman like this was called a stay-at-home mom.

In our times, there has been a role reversal. Many women work, and some men are willing to stay at home with the children. A man like this is called a stay-at-home dad. Being a stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home dad is not for everyone. Staying at home all day can make a person feel stir crazy. For some people, though, it’s the perfect lifestyle.

Jordin and Andy are talking about stay-at-home dads. Listen to today’s English lesson to find out what they think!


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Jordin:  So, Joey and I have been talking about having kids soon actually.

Andy_H:  Oh my gosh, that’s so exciting, Jordin! Congratulations!

Jordin:  Thanks! Yeah, it’s actually brought up some really interesting conversations for us, you know. But one of the ones that really struck me is the idea that we can actually choose which one of us is going to be the breadwinner and which one of us is going to stay and take care of the kids.

Andy_H:  Well, I think, naturally, you should be the breadwinner.

Jordin:  That’s what we were saying! I’ve got this great job that I love, and I really want to keep doing it. Joey actually feels like he might be more willing and interested in staying home with the kids. Even though that’s sort of countercultural, I think that’s what we’re going to do.

Andy_H:  First of all, the guy as the breadwinner is so old-fashioned. I mean, look, evolution is happening, times are changing. Dads are just as good with kids as moms…

Jordin:  Totally!

Andy_H:  ... if not, in my opinion, a little better, but that’s because…

Jordin:  Oh, shut up!

Andy_H:  ... that’s because I want to be a stay-at-home dad. When I think about the role reversal, I could do my entire job at home, in my pajamas, and I don’t actually have to go out and work.

Jordin:  That would drive me stir crazy.

Andy_H:  If times truly are changing and men finally get to be at home, then so be it, sign me up, I want to be a stay-at-home dad.

Jordin:  That’s awesome, I love it.


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Andy is excited that Jordin and her husband are talking about having children. It’s a big decision, and it brought up a lot of interesting conversations for her and Joey. One thing that surprised Jordin is that in these times, she can be the breadwinner and Joey can be a stay-at-home dad. It’s a role reversal that works for them. Jordin loves her job and Joey is willing to take care of the kids.

Why is Andy so excited about stay-at-home dads? Because he wants to be one! Whether it’s countercultural or not, he thinks it’s a great idea. Our world is changing. People are starting to see that dads can be good moms. Andy would like to wear pajamas and work from home when he’s a dad. Jordin is happy to leave this job to people like Joey and Andy, since staying home makes her feel stir crazy.

Who is the breadwinner in your family? Are you willing to be a stay-at-home parent someday?



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Viet Nam

Now, I’m breadwinner, I still like stay at home all day. I don’t like to go out much. My parents are retired. In the past, my father used to be breadwinner. Thank you for your reading

06:32 AM Dec 29 2016 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my opinion, parent,s ( both of them) should be breadwinner. because nobody can,t forecast the future. every one in the world should stay on their feet. they should be able to live alone.

05:31 AM Dec 29 2016 |

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klaukanoSuper Member!


In my case my husband is a breadwinner and I am a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes I am stir crazy. I think It would be best that both we had a work of part time and we would be committed of take care our children because it is not easy job but it is a responsability of dad and mom.

02:11 AM Dec 29 2016 |



United Kingdom

Life is different for different people and we can’t fix some concept in a jar. For me, I’m a natural breadwinner and I’m good in it and if some day my spouse give me a reversal I would deem to be a failure:) In my opinion we need to be honest about ourselves and that’s important and we need to stitch to what we are good at.

06:54 PM Dec 28 2016 |

The Last Joke


Guys :
🔵Women should stay at home and take care of their children because it is the right place for them in order to build a good society ..!!

Guys :
🔴Woman can’t do a man’s job, so man can’t do a woman’s job

11:28 AM Dec 28 2016 |




In my family, actually, my mom is the breadwinner. But my dad also got the job to do, but my mom earns more and pay most of the households fees. 

I am quite willing to be a stay at home parent one day. I can wear the pajams all day and spend time with kids which means I can have more closer relationship with my kids than my husband.

09:43 AM Dec 28 2016 |



I am, as a husband is the breadwinner. In our cultural the man must be go to work and earn money for his family. But sometimes the man cannot get a job, or he can not earn enough money for his family. The wife can go to work helping to earn money for the family. In east world, sometimes when you have a job its not certanty you can fully your sufficiency. 

08:25 AM Dec 28 2016 |

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