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Wacky Holidays
Wacky Holidays

Learn English meaning of ‘wacky holidays’

Date: Dec 26 2016

Themes: Alternative, Holidays, Pets

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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What’s your favorite holiday? Is it Old Rock Day or Bubble Bath Day? Maybe, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day or even Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Were those holidays not on your calendar? You might be surprised by some of the wacky holidays that people celebrate each year. Many of them are quite absurd.

In fact, if you need a reason to celebrate, there’s probably a bizarre holiday happening today. All you need to do is search the internet, and you will most likely find a reason to create a Hallmark moment on any day. Why do all of these strange holidays happen? Some people think that companies just want to sell more things. They think these holidays are very commercialized. However, some of them are just for fun, too.

Gary is preparing for Dress Up Your Pet Day. Listen to Romeo as he asks about the details in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Romeo:  Can you believe what holidays are happening this month?

Gary:  I think I saw something about twist ties

Romeo:  No! I’m talking about wacky holidays.

Gary:  Oh! The wacky holidays… Well, of course, there’s No Diet Day.

Romeo:  You know it. What about Dress Up Your Pet?

Gary:  Well, I have to admit… I’ve got the outfit all ready. I can’t wait.

Romeo:  To dress up your pet?

Gary:  Yes!

Romeo:  I have to see this. What are you going to dress it up as?

Gary:  I was thinking a pirate.

Romeo:  Oh, that’s absurd!

Gary:  I know, but it’s hilarious…

Romeo:  Is he going to have a patch over his eye?

Gary:  Her eye!

Romeo:  Oh, that’s right.

Gary:  Oh yeah!

Romeo:  You have two girl kitties.

Gary:  That’s right.

Romeo:  Are you dressing both of them up?

Gary:  Yeah. Everyone’s going to crack up because…

Romeo:  Are you going to take pictures?

Gary:  And post them.

Romeo:  It’s going to be a Hallmark moment.

Gary:  Yeah, I’ll Snapchat it to you.

Romeo:  That would be bizarre. Don’t do it.

Gary:  Are you going to participate in any wacky holidays coming up?

Romeo:  I did last year. It’s just too commercialized this year. I mean, like, Bubble Bath Day… I mean… So, the only time you ever take a bubble bath is because it’s Bubble Bath Day?


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Romeo asks Gary about wacky holidays. Gary likes a number of different bizarre holidays. In fact, he’s getting ready to celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day. Romeo thinks that this is a strange idea, but Gary tells him that he already has a pirate costume for one of his cats.

Romeo thinks that the idea of dressing cats up is absurd. Gary agrees, but he also thinks that it will make a lot of people laugh. Romeo wants to know if Gary will take pictures of his costumed pets, and he promises to send Romeo a picture of the Hallmark moment. Gary asks Romeo if he will participate in any wacky holidays, but Romeo thinks they’ve all become too commercialized now.

What is your favorite wacky holiday? Did you ever dress up your pet?



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oh my God !! 

this world is very crazy,mad,weird,absurd as enough ..No need extra wacky holidays..

crazy people like wacky holidays for fun ..Big commercial malls,shops,markets like it for good sales..

normally there are too much special personality days ( birthdays,weddings,anniversaries ),National and international days  ( mother,father,women,mother in law days :-)) and religious ,holly days ..


11:03 AM Dec 26 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

tnx for your great option

05:33 AM Dec 26 2016 |

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