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Pet Parades
Pet Parades

Learn English meaning of ‘pet parades’

Date: Jan 06 2020

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies, Pets

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Do you live with animals? Maybe, you own a cat or dog. Or maybe, you live on a farm and have a sheep or goat. What would your animal think about wearing a costume for a pet parade? Many animals are too shy or nervous. For example, if you try to put a costume on most cats, you will end up with scratches everywhere. On the other hand, some animals love to dress up.

There are many different types of pet parades. At these community events, people bring their animals and show them off. Sometimes, there is a costume contest, but at other times, people just walk with their animals through the street. They might ask their animals to do tricks. There are many different types of artistic expression at pet parades.

Brian just went to the UFO festival, where he saw an alien pet parade. Listen as he tells Jordin about it in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Hey, Jordin, have you ever been to a pet parade?

Jordin:  No, I have not.

Brian:  Neither had I until last weekend. I went to the UFO festival.

Jordin:  How was it?

Brian:  It was really fun, but my favorite part is they had an alien pet parade costume contest.

Jordin:  Oh my gosh!

Brian:  And so, there were sheep that were, like, pink and blue. There were also little cats in UFO outfits…

Jordin:  What?! That is crazy!

Brian:  Yeah…. a goat dressed as an alien insect. It was a great community event. Everyone was out.

Jordin:  That’s amazing! You know, that sounds great. I think about trying to get my cat into one of those costumes, and I just imagine my entire outfit and house turning into scratches everywhere. I just don’t think it would happen.

Brian:  Yeah, they wouldn’t stand for that at all… my cats either.

Jordin:  Yeah.

Brian:  But it was great. A lot of the animals were playful. There were, of course, some shy ones. But it was really interesting to see, like, the artistic expression people put into not only dressing up their animals but in a very specific theme.

Jordin:  Yes, UFOs, aliens… that’s crazy!

Brian:  Yeah, and my favorite was a lizard that they had…

Jordin:  Oh!

Brian:  …which had, like, a harness and saddle. And there was a little miniature figure riding it, like it was an alien lizard.


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Brian recently went to the UFO festival. There, he watched a special alien-themed pet parade. He tells Jordin about the crazy animal costumes that he saw. There were painted sheep, cats with UFO costumes, and a goat dressed as an extraterrestrial bug. Jordin thinks this sounds crazy, but Brian tells her that it was a fun community event.

Jordin imagines trying to put a costume on her cat. It would not work. She would have scratches all over herself. Brian understands because his cats would act the same way. However, the animals in the alien pet parade were very good. Some of them were shy, but they were all nice. Brian’s favorite animal costume was a lizard dressed with a saddle for a tiny rider.

Have you ever put a costume on an animal? Are there pet parades in your country?



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Hahaha, mahtab. i am reading your cat´s mind. What the heck, what she is doing , i ‘m not a sissy cat , the laughing stock of our neighborhood. But then again, sorry for your scratches. Next time you go to London buy the cat a treat, forget the frills !!

09:23 PM Jan 30 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Haha Julito I have to tell the whole story and make you laugh more!

What if you know that I bought that neck band from from Selfridges in my travel to London to surprise my cat??

It was made of pink velvet and full of glitter diamonds with a little bell!!

And when I wanted to put on that, my cat became crazy and run around the house and I followed him to open the band but he left me many scratches until I could open the band 😂😂😂

05:39 PM Jan 30 2017 |




Here also our ego is present: my dog,my cat won the first prize and what about the losers? animals, pets or whatever name we prefer, they are beautiful and perfect as it is , what it is the necessity to dress them up in fancy costumes. We have pet parades in Argentina.

Mahtab, sorry,but you made me laugh with the story of your cat.  ouch !!

04:22 PM Jan 30 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think it is out of animal rights to force them to wear costumes!!

Animals are not our things or dolls for playing with and making fun with them!!

One time I tried to put a neck band for my cat and he became angry and left me scratches to remember animals are free and dont need such things!!

I would never do these to animals just for having fun so I dont like pet parades too!!😒

06:35 AM Jan 30 2017 |

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