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Coworking Spaces
Coworking Spaces

Learn English meaning of 'Coworking Spaces'

Date: Mar 22 2017

Themes: News, Tech, Work

Grammar: Be Able To


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Is it possible to work from home without going crazy? Maybe, you know how to do this. (Please share your secrets in a comment!) Or maybe, you get too distracted at home. The phone is ringing, the dishwasher is running, and your family is watching TV. If you can’t isolate yourself in a quiet area, work can feel frustrating.

There’s a new industry that can help you work better. For an affordable amount, you’ll get a quiet area in a coworking space. You can choose from a hot desk, a permanent desk, or a whole office. There are many perks to using a coworking space, like free beer, free internet, and free classes on interesting topics.

Will Jessica soon be looking into coworking spaces? Listen to today’s English lesson to find out!


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Jessica:  I am having the hardest time focusing at home right now when I’m trying to get work done. I’ve tried going to coffee shops but, oh, I just keep getting so distracted.

Gary:  That sounds really frustrating. I think you might benefit from looking into a coworking space.

Jessica:  Oh, really?

Gary:  It’s really great. It allows you to be able to step away from all of the distractions. You can actually isolate yourself at a desk or in a corner. Everyone in that same space is working on their own things.

Jessica:  That would be so great. And it would be an incredible opportunity for networking. I’d be able to network with other people, maybe even in my industry.

Gary:  Yeah! And here’s a benefit, there are a lot of amenities.

Jessica:  Really?

Gary:  There’s printers, there’s wifi, there’s spaces where you could have meetings.

Jessica:  Wow! I wonder if they’re really affordable though, because being in the comfort of my own home is nice.

Gary:  Well, you could just look into a hot desk. Hot desks are great because you can just grab a desk whenever one is free. You don’t have to worry about having an entire space.

Jessica:  It sounds like there are a lot of perks to looking into a coworking space. Maybe I should do this. Thanks, Gary!

Gary:  I think you should.

Jessica:  Cool!


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Jessica has work to do. She needs a place to isolate herself so she can do her work. She tried working from home, but it didn’t work well. She tried going to a coffee shop, but she felt distracted there. Finding a good place to do work is a frustrating problem for Jessica!

Gary recommends looking into a coworking space. At a coworking space, Jessica can find an affordable hot desk. She can use amenities there, like printers and wifi. She can also network with people in her industry and in other industries. Jessica likes Gary’s idea. Using a coworking space has many perks!

What do you think about coworking spaces? Where can you go to study English and not be distracted?



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Coworking spaces might be a quick fix for those who need a quiet place to get work done. I prefer studying English at home because I feel distracted easily in a public place like coffee shops.

01:56 AM Mar 27 2017 |

Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

I was thinking about library when I read the article :) nice and free place with WiFi and other perks:)

There are so called business incubators which provides young businessmen with affordable coworking hot desk in Russia with a lot of amenities where nobody distracts you. You can isolate yourself here and doing your work in silent won’t your frustrating problem.

02:31 PM Mar 25 2017 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

coworking spaces is an ideal place for people who can’t keep themselves away from all the distractions when they have a job to be done espeially a women with a children 

05:53 PM Mar 23 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

There are some places for young and new entrepreneurs here that is called Technology parks!

Everyone with a new business idea has an isolated space like that hot desk with all amenities like wifi and printer and many other perks!

People can run their own business in technology parks and work there for one year and its free for them!

But it seems this coworking spaces prepare daily afforable places to work!

It is a great idea!

Id like to study at home in my room!

05:24 PM Mar 22 2017 |

gresanpu6981Super Member!


Library??? This is a good place and quiet lol… anyway the coworking space is a great idea. 

05:21 PM Mar 22 2017 |




Well,i don’t think we have such spaces here in Algeria,but they sound a good place to do your work in,i like the idea.

I study english at home,evrywhere at home,i can always find a quiet place to do so.

01:28 PM Mar 22 2017 |




As far as I know there ain´t coworking spaces in my country, only cybers cafe. Get in, find an isolated place ,ask for a coffee, not without also asking for the password and log in .I study English at home.Other than the phone could be ringing, It is quiet inside and the perk is the coffee maker in the kitchen,always inviting me to have a break and sip a cup of coffee . 

12:28 PM Mar 22 2017 |

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