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Ad Blockers
Ad Blockers

Learn English meaning of ‘ad blockers’

Date: Mar 15 2017

Themes: How To, Tech, Time

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Browsing on the internet is a fun way to relax. However, if you see ads on every web page, this activity becomes very frustrating. Internet advertisements are now very smart. Companies can learn about your personal interests, and then they can begin targeting you with ads for your favorite products. How creepy!

You don’t need to be inundated with clickbait every time you get on the internet. Why not try an ad blocker? These little pieces of computer software work with your web browser. They stop ads from popping up so that you just see the information you want to see. Then, you can enjoy browsing the internet in peace again.

Kelsey is frustrated with all of the ads on her social media newsfeed. Listen as Gary helps her to find a good ad blocker in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Gary:  Hey, what are you looking at online?

Kelsey:  I’m just trying to look at my newsfeed on Facebook, and I just keep on getting all these ads, like, popping up on my feed. And I’m getting really annoyed by it.

Gary:  Right?! Facebook is inundated with ads now. They’re everywhere.

Kelsey:  Yeah, and it’s weird. The ads are actually targeting me. It’s showing off things that I like. Like, a pair of shoes I looked at the other day is right there.

Gary:  Oh, man!

Kelsey:  It’s really creepy!

Gary:  It is so frustrating. Can I make a recommendation?

Kelsey:  Yeah! Help me!

Gary:  An ad blocker for your web browser.

Kelsey:  An ad blocker?

Gary:  An ad blocker. So, it is this awesome method of stopping those annoying and frustrating ads from showing up. So, you don’t see any clickbait ads that are trying to get your personal information. It’s so much more efficient to browse Facebook because you can see everything that your friends have shared and only that.

Kelsey:  Yeah, that sounds amazing. Where do I sign up?

Gary:  OK, I see the web browser. So, let’s just go ahead and add on this extension. There’s something call uBlock, and it will stop everything.

Kelsey:  Awesome!

Gary:  So, let’s go ahead and get that installed. We’re going to save you so much time.

Kelsey:  Wow!

Gary:  You’re going to love this.

Kelsey:  This sounds great! Let’s do it.

Gary:  I can’t live without it. You’re going to feel the same way.

Kelsey:  OK.


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Kelsey is trying to look at her Facebook newsfeed, but all she sees are advertisements. She tells Gary that it’s very frustrating to have ads popping up all over her web browser. One ad even showed her a pair of shoes that she recently looked at online. Kelsey thinks that being targeted like this is really creepy.

Gary understands Kelsey’s frustration. He suggests that she install an ad blocker. Kelsey has never used this type of software before. Gary tells her that it will remove annoying ads and clickbait. Then, he helps her to search for and install an ad blocker extension. Kelsey is excited to browse the internet without being inundated by ads.

Do you use an ad blocker? Which types of ads target you?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Hi Julito

Yes I am and I like such ads!😃✌

Nowadays I search for traveling opportunities and different tours but taking a cruise to the Greek Islands?wow!! Its too much for a retired teacher 😄

But … Why not? 😀

I’ll think about that👌

05:56 AM Mar 16 2017 |




mahtab, hello. you are a retired teacher, aren´t you. If you have been sharing this information online , you might as well receive ads enticing you to take a cruise to the Greek Islands.   like it ?

07:30 PM Mar 15 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My browser has a plugin  that dosent let unwanted pages or ads pop up!

I never noticed what types of ads taget me!

In fact I wonder what the benefit of all these ads and annoying pages when people dont even look at them and use ad blockers?

07:17 PM Mar 15 2017 |




Internet and all its possibilities, as to get in touch with people around the world, social media, information and so forth , all these is on the plus side, but… all the information that we give is stored and some people, as soon as they got to know start inundating us by ads. The bottom line is that without our permission they rack up big money , not without leaving us with undesirable ads.We have given them our profile, age. etc. accordingly they know how to target you. You have diabetes and you mentioned it, expect ads selling you pills. And so with everything.

06:47 PM Mar 15 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m using an ad blocker myself. It’s kind of bothersome to control the unlimited number of undesired links opening successively on their own while you’re trying to surf your best webs or watch an episode of your favourite TV show online. It drives me crazy. 

I can’t really say what sort of adds target me because I don’t give a single look at a sublink that popped up at me without my request.

02:23 PM Mar 15 2017 |

haixi001Super Member!


I use a web browse plugin that avoid me from the inundated ads.

02:52 AM Mar 15 2017 |

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