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Learn English meaning of Pinterest

Date: Mar 31 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: To, Too & Two


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Do you love social media? Many people do. However, it can be easy to become addicted to social media and feel anxiety when you can’t see every post. One popular example is Pinterest. This social media site allows people to pin their favorite pictures from almost anywhere on the internet. Posting to Pinterest is so easy that many people start pinning all of their ideas there.

On Pinterest, you can keep vision boards that help you organize your thoughts. This is helpful for both work and personal life. You can keep DIY ideas there and even begin bookmarking your favorite memes. However, this can be too addicting for some people, and they might need to let it go. The important thing is to use this tool and not let it use you.

Dominique had to let Pinterest go. Find out why she needed a break when she talks to Gary in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Gary:  Dominique, you know how much I love social media, right?

Dominique:  Sure do.

Gary:  So, I’ve been on Pinterest for a long time, and I haven’t really heard you talk about it. Are you using it?

Dominique:  I was on it. I was kind of addicted

Gary:  Yeah….

Dominique:  … to it. And I just got a whole lot of anxiety because I started pinning everything that I wanted to do. And then, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do first. So, I kind of had to let it go.

Gary:  Oh, man! Yeah, too many boards filled up with all of the things you wanted to redecorate in your home or maybe to do as a DIY.

Dominique:  Too many vision boards! Too many different feeds, and…

Gary:  Yep! Did you have a recipe board as well?

Dominique:  Yes, I did.

Gary:  Oh, no!

Dominique:  Yes…

Gary:  Yeah. So, in the early days, I kind of jumped on the bandwagon and played around with it. But I never connected with it. I never really found it to be the best place to go to. So, I just use it now as a storage place for, maybe, bookmarking a thing here or there.

Dominique:  It’s funny you say that… I had to let that go as well.

Gary:  You did?

Dominique:  I did. I let it go, but then I was on it yesterday, so…

Gary:  You’re back!

Dominique:  I know. It’s addicting!

Gary:  Oh, man!


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Gary and Dominique both love social media, but Gary hasn’t heard Dominique talk about Pinterest. He asks her if she uses it. Dominique explains that she used to use Pinterest too much. She was always pinning things, and it started to give her anxiety. She had too many boards with too many ideas. She didn’t know which idea to do first. So, she stopped using Pinterest.

Gary explains that he jumped on the bandwagon and started using Pinterest when it first began. However, he never really understood why people liked it so much. He uses other social media websites much more than he uses Pinterest. Now, he keeps his Pinterest account just for bookmarking a few ideas. Dominique tells him that she stopped doing that also, but she did look at Pinterest yesterday, so she might start using it again.

Which social media site do you use the most? What types of pictures do you like to pin?



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The social media site I most use is Pinterest, by far!!! I also have a facebook account, but I easily get bored with it… though I’m never bored of pinning away on Pinterest! there are so many cool ideas and projects there! I’m a big fan of needle crafting, jewelry making, house-keeping, pet-keeping, children-raising lol And I find ideas for all these interests on Pinterest :-D 

05:33 PM Mar 31 2017 |




I use Facebook only for to pin the pictures of dogs or Cats that need a home and a family. Nothing else pictures because the web is full of strangers and  you’ll never know what will happen to you

02:46 PM Mar 31 2017 |

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