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Doggie Hotels
Doggie Hotels

Learn English meaning of 'Doggie Hotels'

Date: Apr 12 2017

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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Do you have a dog? Many people have dogs at home. Dogs are fun, and they make us happy. But it’s also a lot of work to take care of a dog. And, as any dog owner knows, it’s a problem when you need to travel. Who will watch your dog?

Don’t worry. If you don’t have a friend or neighbor to watch your dog, there’s another option. You can drop off your dog at a dog hotel. A dog hotel is a special place just for dogs. The hotel staff will make sure your dog gets daily interaction. Soon, your dog will be bonding with other dogs and even forget you’re gone!

Dominique’s dog lives in an extravagant suite when Dominique is out of town. Listen to today’s English lesson to find out if Jessica’s dog also gets this special treatment.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Dominique:  Hey Jessica.

Jessica:  Hey Dominique.

Dominique:  So, I’m ready for my vacation. All I have to do is drop off my dog at the hotel, and then I’m ready to go.

Jessica:  OK, wait. Did you say hotel?

Dominique:  Yeah, doggie hotel.

Jessica:  Are you kidding me?????

Dominique:  No, I mean, it’s a hotel for dogs.

Jessica:  I know what they are, but isn’t that so unnecessary? Can’t you just get a dogsitter?

Dominique:  The doggie hotels have staff that really enjoy bonding with the dogs. They get their own little suite, with their own little beds, and they get a TV, and they can watch whatever they want. It’s really the life.

Jessica:  It sounds really extravagant. I don’t know. I have always just had friends or family watch my dog when we go out of town, and it’s nice. My dog loves the interaction, the personalized interaction. She’s taken care of.

Dominique:  Are they watching your dog or enjoying your free Netflix?

Jessica:  No, they’re just watching my dog but, I don’t know, maybe I should look into a dog hotel, because I bet the interaction with other animals would be good.

Dominique:  It’s amazing. You have to go and check it out for yourself. My dog loves it.

Jessica:  It does sound kind of cool. And then you’ve got a specialist who knows how to interact with them.

Dominique:  They take really good care of the animals.

Jessica:  Oh, that’s a good idea. All right, maybe I’ll try it.


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Dominique is going on vacation without her dog. Since she doesn’t want to leave her dog alone or get a dogsitter, she will drop off her dog at a doggie hotel. That way, her dog can have daily interaction with staff. Maybe, her dog will like bonding with other dogs at the hotel.

Jessica also has a dog, but her dog doesn’t get a fancy suite at a doggie hotel. Instead, Jessica asks people she knows to watch her dog when she travels. She thinks her dog feels more comfortable at home. However, maybe she’ll look into a doggie hotel in the future.

Do you do anything extravagant for your pet? What watches them when you travel?



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La Princesse de la vie


LOL Julito xD

Seriously! Doggie hotels!! That’s too unnecessarily extravagant. Luckily I don’t have a pet.

11:45 AM Apr 13 2017 |




I don’t have a pet but when I was a little, my neighbor had a dog and that dog was like mine because I went to their home almost every day and we really had a good bond with each other. The dog’s name was Tonny,it wasn’t any purebred dog so he never got anything extravagant. 

06:17 PM Apr 12 2017 |




When i travel i drop off my dog to my parents with other four dogs and four cats. Otherwise my dog is always with me at the home and when i do sport. If you take a dog you must say that you must take care it better so you can

03:50 PM Apr 12 2017 |

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