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Spa Day
Spa Day

Learn English meaning of 'Spa Day'

Date: Apr 19 2017

Themes: Fashion, Health, Hobbies

Grammar: Adjectives


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Where do you go when you want to relax? Your couch, the bar, a bookstore, or somewhere else? Perhaps, you feel the most soothed after a spa day. A nice mud bath or an hour in the sauna can make you really relaxed. Plus, your pores will be clean and your skin will be radiant!

On the other hand, going to the spa for the first time can be scary. You might have to work up the courage to go. Once you get to the spa, though, you’ll relax. You may even have enough courage to ask for the works! After getting the works, everyone will notice how beautifully your skin glows.

Jessica wants to try something new at the spa, but she’s afraid it might hurt. Can Dominique help her work up the courage? Listen to this English lesson to find out.


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Jessica:  I just sat in a sauna the other day. I forgot how relaxing that is. My pores opened up, I just felt so calm and soothed. It was wonderful. It made me really want to go to the spa.

Dominique:  I think we should do that. Do you want to go sometime?

Jessica:  We could get mani pedis.

Dominique:  And facials?

Jessica:  Oh my gosh, the works! That would be amazing! It’s been way too long.

Dominique:  I love the way it makes you feel. Your body just glows and you feel all radiant.

Jessica:  You know what I’ve always wanted to do? Maybe you can help me work up the courage. I’d love to do a mud bath. I’ve heard they’re very relaxing, and the mud kind of dries, and it’s almost like a facial peel, but for your body.

Dominique:  Does it hurt?

Jessica:  I don’t think so.

Dominique:  Is it warm or cold?

Jessica:  I don’t know, but I think it’s supposed to make your skin all radiant and beautiful.

Dominique:  Hmm.

Jessica:  We should try it.

Dominique:  Alright, let’s set up a date.

Jessica:  OK, that sounds good. So, mani pedis, facials, mud baths. This is going to be fun.

Dominique:  Will they have a sauna?

Jessica:  Oh, I hope so. That was so relaxing. We’ll look for reviews online and see if we can find a place that has everything on our list.

Dominique:  The works.

Jessica:  Yes.


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Jessica feels great! She recently spent some time in the sauna, and now she is completely soothed. This gives Dominique an idea. Why not have a spa day together? Both girls could get mani pedis or, even better, the works.

If they get the works, they’ll leave the spa radiant and relaxed. But Jessica is curious about trying a mud bath. Will it hurt? Will it make her skin glow? There’s only one way to find out. Dominique and Jessica will look online for a good spa and then work up the courage to try a mud bath.

Would you rather sit in a sauna or take a mud bath? Why?



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Russian Federation

the mud bouth is not common in our country. Sauna, body peeling, body wraps, massage maybe and tea is the usual spa-programm.

02:36 PM Apr 19 2017 |


GWTASuper Member!


I have my own sauna in my basement. From November to April I use it once a week. I do so for more than 20 years. It is not only relaxing. Since I had no cold, coff or somthing like this.


10:36 AM Apr 19 2017 |



No. I don’t like sitting in a sauna or taking a mud bath.

Yes, it may be comfortable after a sauna or a mud bath. I don’t like the process of sauna or mud bath. I would feel difficult in breathing when sitting in a sauna for a long time though it there must be a lot of sweat. I can’t bear it . 

08:09 AM Apr 19 2017 |



I’d rather sit in sauna, the account is simple, do not like mud to my body…...

02:26 AM Apr 19 2017 |

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