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Spa Day
Spa Day

Learn English meaning of 'Spa Day'

Date: Apr 19 2017

Themes: Fashion, Health, Hobbies


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Here’s one way to relax: have a spa day. Invite a friend to go to the spa with you. You can get mani pedis together and try a mud bath. Or you can both sit in a sauna until your pores open.

If you want to feel really relaxed, ask for the works. After a mani pedi, a mud bath, and a visit to the sauna, all your stress will go away. Sometimes, a spa day is the answer to life’s problems!


mani pedi n.


Example Wow, I love your mani pedi! That's such a nice shade of red nail polish!

the works expr.


Example Matt’s party will have cocktails, dancing, dinner, a live band, the works!

sauna n.


Example Yesterday, I went to the sauna. It was so relaxing.

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Would you rather sit in a sauna or take a mud bath? Why?


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Russian Federation

the mud bouth is not common in our country. Sauna, body peeling, body wraps, massage maybe and tea is the usual spa-programm.

02:36 PM Apr 19 2017 |


GWTASuper Member!


I have my own sauna in my basement. From November to April I use it once a week. I do so for more than 20 years. It is not only relaxing. Since I had no cold, coff or somthing like this.


10:36 AM Apr 19 2017 |



No. I don’t like sitting in a sauna or taking a mud bath.

Yes, it may be comfortable after a sauna or a mud bath. I don’t like the process of sauna or mud bath. I would feel difficult in breathing when sitting in a sauna for a long time though it there must be a lot of sweat. I can’t bear it . 

08:09 AM Apr 19 2017 |



I’d rather sit in sauna, the account is simple, do not like mud to my body…...

02:26 AM Apr 19 2017 |

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