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Body Art
Body Art

Learn English meaning of 'Body Art'

Date: Apr 24 2017

Themes: Fashion, Health, Hobbies

Grammar: Past Perfect Progressive


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Sometimes, you want to be a little different than other people. You want to make a big change. You want a body modification. This means you’re going to use your body as art. Maybe, you’ll try a different hair color. Perhaps, you’ll get a piercing. Or if you want a more expensive commitment, what about some ink?

But there are consequences to body art. It can be painful. You need to take care of it. Other people might judge you for it. Also, if you get a tattoo, you can’t take it back very easily. On the other hand, maybe, you want to someday be an 80-year-old person with a dirty little secret... a colorful tattoo! So, will you get some body art?

Body art is all the rage where Jessica lives. Listen to this English lesson to find out if Andy thinks it’s a good idea for her to get some ink.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jessica:  So, Andy…

Andy_H:  Yeah, Jessica?

Jessica:  I have been thinking about getting some ink. My very good friend is a tattoo artist and she just opened up her own shop. So, I don’t know, I’m weighing the consequences of getting something beautiful on my body.

Andy_H:  What’s stopping you? I mean, tattoos, body piercings are all the rage.

Jessica:  I know, but I can never take it back. I mean, I guess I can do laser removal, one of my friends had a tattoo removed, but I’d be so nervous about hiding it if I had a job interview. People judge sometimes.

Andy_H:  Do you want to know a dirty little secret?

Jessica:  Oh, yeah!

Andy_H:  I used to have a nose ring.

Jessica:  A nose ring?

Andy_H:   A nose ring!

Jessica:  Oh my gosh, that’s a huge body modification! I can’t even believe…

Andy_H:  I got it, actually, to better understand a role that I was doing in a play I loved it! It was so cool. You do have to do some hygiene, make sure that you keep everything clean, and that’s just the price you pay. It looked amazing but I ended up taking it out permanently as a little birthday present for my mom, who hated it.

Jessica:  Wow, that is some commitment to a role. I’m impressed.

Andy_H:  Thank you.

Jessica:  Well, maybe I’ll consider getting a tattoo. If you did a nose piercing, I think I can do a tattoo.


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Andy has a dirty little secret. Once, he had a nose piercing. Jessica is shocked! Andy was working as an actor in a play, and he pierced his nose to be more like his character. He doesn’t have the nose piercing anymore. He liked it, but his mom didn’t.

Jessica is thinking about getting her own body modification. She wants some ink. Andy agrees that tattoos are all the rage right now. Can Jessica make such a big commitment? Will people judge her if she gets a tattoo? Jessica isn’t sure. But if Andy was brave, she can be brave, too.

What are the consequences of body art? Do you have any piercings or ink?



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I have some tatoos and get my first one over twenty years ago. I never had any bad experience with my ink and I still like them. I think anytime I will be a grandfather with (hopefully) cool tatoos :-)

02:51 AM Apr 25 2017 |



Can someone help me to be a membership of this site…I would like the listen the dialog and the only way to do it is to be a member….when I try to pay it says that the transaction is decline….

09:40 PM Apr 24 2017 |

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I think that everyone must be owrn age. To paint a tatto isn’t wrong if you stay good. I have two tatto and a Piersing of nose.  I ‘ll do other. I like that. The peoples musn’t to be judjet  for the skin outside but for the insIde in the heart.

02:27 PM Apr 24 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I think the consequences of body art are mostly how to avoid the glaring eyes like arrows on your art-darned body and maybe some pain during the process and of course the potential permanancy of the art you cast on your body.

I don’t have ink, but mostly in the East girls are pierced in the ears for wearing earrings and I’m no exception. I got them too.

01:10 PM Apr 24 2017 |

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