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Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Learn English meaning of 'Las Vegas'

Date: May 03 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Party, Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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You can live large in Dubai or Ibiza, but the gambling is better in a certain flashy city in the Arizona desert. Las Vegas! It’s a famous party spot where people can truly indulge. In fact, so many crazy bachelor parties happened in this city, there’s a popular saying: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. This means that you shouldn’t tell other people what you do in Vegas.

Although Vegas is a tourist trap, you can see many breathtaking things on The Strip. If you walk along The Strip, which is the city’s main tourist street, there’s an Eiffel tower, a Statue of Liberty, a giant pyramid, and even real canals with gondolas! However, before you go ask Elvis for his autograph, remember that it’s Vegas. It’s all fake.

Jessica hit the shops in Vegas recently. Listen as she tells Dominique about her trip to Sin City!


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Jessica:  So, Dominique, I just went to Vegas with a friend. We don’t really live large when we’re there, but I did go the The Strip and hit the shops. It was so much fun. It was a different way to do Vegas. Have you ever been?

Dominique:  No, I’ve never been. Like, what is there to do? I’ve seen pictures and it looks flashy, and then there’s the whole what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I’m kind of scared.

Jessica:  It’s definitely a tourist trap. You can spend a lot of money on gambling, and alcohol. You know, do it like they do in the bachelor parties, but you can also visit all of the themed hotels, which are actually really cool. Some of them are beautiful. There are these amazing gardens where they build and create awesome art out of blown glass. It’s absolutely breathtaking. You’d be surprised by some of the themed hotels.

Dominique:  So, it’s like a museum?

Jessica:  Well, kind of. That’s one of the hotels. And then there’s the fake Eiffel tower at the Paris hotel. It’s pretty flashy. Oh my gosh, and then the Highroller is the new ferris wheel. You can see the entire Strip with alcohol in your hand. It’s just incredible.

Dominique:  That sounds kind of like a nightmare. I’m afraid of heights.

Jessica:  Yeah, you might not like it, but I think if we went together…

Dominique:  I think I’ll have to pass. That sounds really scary.

Jessica:  Alright, alright.

Dominique:   I don’t think I can indulge like that.

Jessica:   Well, you never know. That’s why they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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Jessica recently visited Las Vegas with a friend. They didn’t do any gambling, but they did hit the shops. Las Vegas is the perfect place to indulge in fancy new clothes and jewelry. When Jessica finds out that Dominique has never been to this breathtaking city, she tries to convince her that it’s an incredible place to visit.

But Dominique is a little afraid of Vegas. It’s so flashy and fake! Isn’t it just a big tourist trap? Jessica admits that it is a tourist trap and all the stories of crazy bachelor parties are true. On the other hand, Vegas has some amazing themed hotels with copies of famous world landmarks. If Dominique doesn’t want to party, there are plenty of other things to do.

Do you like to live large? Do you want to visit Las Vegas someday?



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I would like to live large when I was young but there was no economic condition to stand me that time.  In other words,  more was a kind of vanity in a worship. 

I haven’t thought the visiting Las Vegas .  it is so far away for me to think it. 

02:27 AM May 03 2017 |

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