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Vertical Gardening
Vertical Gardening

Learn English meaning of ‘vertical gardening’

Date: May 31 2021

Themes: Health, Hobbies, How To

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Everybody loves fresh food! And it’s wonderful when you can grow this food in your own garden. However, many of us have limited space, and we can’t do a lot of gardening in our yards. But a popular new idea can help… vertical gardening! Vertical gardens grow on walls or in tall planters with different spaces for many plants. Growing food vertically is a slick way to tend to your own edible plants.

Just like a normal garden, a vertical garden needs soil, nutrients, and water. However, you might put the soil into pots that hang on a wall. Or you might put the soil into a special planter that stands up tall instead of laying out wide. These simple changes make it possible for almost anyone to have a garden.

Andy is sad because his new apartment isn’t big. But Marni has the perfect idea for him in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  Man, Marni! I just moved downtown. I have a slick new apartment, and I’m a little bit upset that I decided on this location because I was really hoping to get some gardening done. And now, it just looks like it’s not going to happen.

Marni:  Well, what about vertical gardening?

Andy_H:  Vertical what?

Marni:  Vertical gardening… It’s like a whole new way of thinking about gardening and growing food.

Andy_H:  Like, vertically, I take it…

Marni:  Well, yeah! Because you have such a limited space, you can create whatever space you have, whatever size you have. You can do it in pots. You can create your own planters.

Andy_H:  OK. But am I going to get some really, you know, unripe food that’s just going to spoil really easily?

Marni:  Well, I think it’s all about how you tend to it, right? Thinking about nutrients, what kind of soil it needs, what kind of water it needs, all that kind of stuff. I think you can do it! You should research vertical gardening because I think it’s inspiring.

Andy_H:  I’ll absolutely have to check this out. I’m looking to garden something that’s edible, so let’s hope that vertical gardening is the answer.

Marni:  Well, yes! Let’s hope.


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Andy just moved to a new apartment, but it’s downtown and has limited space. He tells Marni that he’s sad because he doesn’t have room for a garden. He had wanted to grow his own food. Marni doesn’t think this is a problem. She suggests that Andy build a vertical garden. Andy has never heard about gardening vertically.

Marni tells Andy that there are many options with vertical gardens. Some people use pots, and other people build their own planters. The basic idea is to make a garden that grows up on a wall or other surface. Andy asks if he can grow edible plants well this way, and Marni tells him that it should be similar to other types of gardening. If he tends to his garden well, then the plants should be healthy.

Do you have a vertical garden? What is your favorite plant to grow?



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La Princesse de la vie


Luckily enough, we have a spacious horizontal space where we grow some fruit trees and peppermint and other edible plants. I don’t think vertical gardening can be easier.

11:42 AM May 01 2017 |

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