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Learn English meaning of ‘fitbit’

Date: Jun 07 2017

Themes: Health, How To, Work

Grammar: Adverbs


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Staying healthy can be difficult for many people. Adults working in the U.S. don’t have a lot of time. Young people in college struggle, too. When you are studying all the time, it is difficult to exercise and stay fit. A while ago, people started using “step trackers.” Step trackers clipped onto your belt and counted your steps. People could keep track of physical activity while doing their day-to-day routine!

Fitbit is very similar to a step tracker but it does more. It counts your steps, tracks your heart rate, sleep patterns, and helps you stay hydrated. Many busy people love their Fitbit! Fitbit has a very big fan base now. But some people are undecided. They call the fans of Fitbit devotees of a “cult.” A lot of people think the Fitbit is silly and doesn’t do anything.

Brian might get a Fitbit as a bonus incentive at work. Listen as Marni and Brian talk about it in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Marni, at my job, they are offering like… gifts to the employees as kind of like a bonus incentive.

Marni:  Hm! How nice.

Brian:  And one of them is a Fitbit and I know that you have had experience with them. And I didn’t know if you would recommend them or not.

Marni:  I personally am a devotee to the cult of Fitbit because… I think that once you notice… Once you start looking around, you’ll notice that everybody is wearing them.

Brian:  Okay.

Marni:  And I think there, you can use them for, you know, you can kind of use them to like count your steps. But there are all kinds of ways you can use them! You can track how much water you’re drinking in a day. Which I think is something good to know because most of us, frankly, don’t drink enough water! You can also use it to see how you’re sleeping at night.

Brian:  Okay.

Marni:  See your movement and things like that. So, there’s lots of ways you can use it!

Brian:  I kind of feel like that’s redundant, though. Because I can track food on my phone. Water I can just count how many glasses of water I have.

Marni:  But do you? And if you had a device that was tracking that for you, do you think you might be inclined to drink more water?

Brian:  How does it know that I’m drinking water? I’m just wondering does it like… is it the motion you use? Does it actually track, like, how hydrated you are?

Marni:  I don’t know how it knows. It’s just… it’s just… it’s just… Buy in.


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Brian might get a Fitbit as a bonus incentive at work. He asks Marni whether she would recommend the Fitbit or not. She says she is a devotee to the cult of Fitbit. Everyone is wearing one! She says you can use them to count your steps, track the amount of water you drink, and your sleep patterns. Marni says there are lots of ways you can use it.

Brian thinks the Fitbit is redundant. His phone can track his food. He can count how many glasses of water he drinks. Marni doesn’t really think he does this. Marni thinks if he had a device like Fitbit, he would be inclined to drink more water. Brian asks how the Fitbit knows he’s drinking water. How does it know that?! Marni tells him to just buy in.

What do you do to stay healthy? Would you like a Fitbit?



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I run every morning to stay health, I go to the gym in the afternoon 3 days a week and 3 nights I play soccer with my friends!

I have a Fitbit and I really love it, it is fashionable and beautiful and it doesn’t disturb any kind of my activities!

09:12 AM Jun 06 2017 |

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