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Planting Bulbs
Planting Bulbs

Learn English meaning of ‘planting bulbs’

Date: Jul 17 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Weather

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Spring and early summer are wonderful times of year. People’s gardens begin blooming with tons of beautiful flowers, and it’s time to start turning the soil for summer gardens. When you plan a flower garden, you have many options. You could go to a nursery to buy seeds and young plants. Or you could talk to friends instead.

Many people love to plant bulbs so they can enjoy big, beautiful flowers in the spring and summer. Bulbs look a lot like onions. In fact, onions are one type of bulb! You can plant bulbs in the ground and enjoy their flowers for many years. Some popular bulbs include dahlias, daffodils, and gladioli. You can even dig some up later to share with your friends.

Marni gives Jordin the rundown on bulbs in today’s English lesson. Listen to find out what she learns.


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Jordin:  So, I’ve been working on my garden this weekend.

Marni:  Oh, great!

Jordin:  And so far, I’ve just been, like, turning the soil around, and putting compost in there, and getting it all ready to go. But now, I’m trying to figure out what I should plant. I know I really like big flowers. Like, I love dahlias. They’re my most favorite.

Marni:  OK.

Jordin:  I was thinking I might get some, like, dahlia seeds from the store.

Marni:  Oh, well, um… Dahlias actually don’t grow from seeds. They grow from…

Jordin:  What?!

Marni:  They’re bulbs.

Jordin:  Oh! I didn’t know that.

Marni:  Yeah, there are lots of flowers that are blooming in the spring that actually come from bulbs, like daffodils, and dahlias, and gladiolus.

Jordin:  Wow! Do you get those at the nursery?

Marni:  You can. And you know, the cool thing about bulbs is, often times, people can just share them. In fact, I have tons of bulbs, so I could dig some up and give you some.

Jordin:  You would give me some of your bulbs?!

Marni:  Of course, I’d give you some of my bulbs because that’s the wonderful thing about them is you want to share them. And then, you have a bounty of beautiful flowers.

Jordin:  Ah! That is so nice. I’m definitely going to want some. That’s awesome!

Marni:  Yes! Well, OK. So, tell me what you want, and we want to, like, plan them out accordingly because we want to have different things planted in different spots because they bloom at different times.

Jordin:  Ooo! You’ll have to give me the rundown on how they all bloom.


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Jordin has been turning the soil in her garden. Next, she wants to plant tons of flowers. She loves dahlias the most, but she doesn’t know that dahlias are bulbs. Marni tells her that she cannot buy dahlia seeds at the nursery. However, Marni has some dahlia bulbs in her garden, and she can share them with Jordin.

Jordin is very interested to learn more about bulbs. Marni explains that many big spring and summer flowers are actually bulbs. Flowers, like daffodils and gladioli, grow from the same bulbs again and again each year. This is how many people get a bounty of flowers. Marni promises to give Jordin the rundown when they dig some up in her garden.

Do you have bulbs in your garden? What is your favorite springtime flower?



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ml2000Super Member!


Instead of flowers, we like to plant vegetables such as lettuces, swiss chards, tomatoes, peppers and green onions—something edible. I’ve been harvesting and eating our home grown lettuces, swiss chards, and green onions. the freshness of vegetables delights you and they are yummy. Other vegetables will be blooming soon.       

05:50 PM Jul 17 2017 |



   I have no garden, but I have a yard in front of my house. Here all we have the same yard in front of house where you can do anything you want including planting kinds of flowers or vegetables in hometown. Now it only has a balcony in tall buildings where only can plant small flowers or vegetables.

  I only have daffadillies in flowerpot about bulbs, not many. But because I don’t take good care of it , it died before it grew new bulbs. So almost I buy it every year. Isn’t it a waste?

  I have no specially favorite flowers. But I know many flowers blooming in springtime , such as winter jasmine flower, sakura, peach blossom and so on.  After spring festival,  I will see the  winter jasmine flower which is small yellow flowers is firstly open. Even though, the weather is still very cold. But when you see them, you will feel excited.  You know, the spring is coming. 

02:35 AM Jul 17 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I am not a garden person but I do like flowers!

My grandmother loves daffodils!

02:37 PM Jul 15 2017 |

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