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Siberian Huskies
Siberian Huskies

Learn English meaning of ‘Siberian huskies’

Date: Jul 24 2017

Themes: Friend, Hobbies, Pets

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Siberian huskies are an interesting dog breed. Instead of barking like normal dogs, they howl! They are also escape artists. They can dig under, chew through, or jump over almost anything. The species is friendly with people and children but have so much energy. Without training, they can become destructive. They are difficult, but people love them because they are so fluffy and adorable!

Humans and huskies have a good relationship. A long time ago, huskies helped humans hunt for food. They hunt rodents, birds, and cats. They don’t hunt alone like some other animals. They need to hunt in a pack and love the company of other dogs. A pack of huskies love to work together! This is why people still use them for dog sledding. They are very cooperative, strong, and fast.

Kelsey is thinking of getting a Siberian husky. Listen as Jordin and Kelsey discuss in today’s English lesson.


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Jordin:  Oh, my gosh, look over there at that husky! It is so big and fluffy, I just want to love it all day!

Kelsey:  Oh, my gosh, that’s so cute! I love Siberian huskies. They’re one of my favorite breeds.

Jordin:  Really? I like them, too. I don’t know a lot about them. But I just love their big, thick coats!

Kelsey:  Yeah, you know, I was thinking of getting one, but I’m… I’m a little apprehensive because they’re a lot of work.

Jordin:  Really? What makes them so much work?

Kelsey:  Well, they’re known as really talented escape artists.

Jordin:  Oh, really?

Kelsey:  They need constant company, like, more than a normal breed of dog. They shed like crazy because their fur is so thick. Yeah, and they’re just like really mischievous. They’re… they’re crazy. They need lots of exercise. They’re just a lot of work. But, I mean, they’re an amazing dog.

Jordin:  Yeah, and you could, like, teach them how to do dog sledding!

Kelsey:  Yeah, that’s true. I love dog sledding.

Jordin:  Have you been?

Kelsey:  Not yet. But…

Jordin:  Me neither.

Kelsey:  But I will.

Jordin:  When you get your huskies.

Kelsey:  When I get a husky.

Jordin:  Your pack of huskies that you’re going to take dog sledding in Alaska.

Kelsey:  Yeah.

Jordin:  It’s going to be awesome.

Kelsey:  I think so.

Jordin:  Can I come?

Kelsey:  Yeah. Duh.


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Jordin sees a big fluffy husky. She wants to give it love all day! Kelsey thinks the dog is cute, too. She loves Siberian huskies. They are one of her favorite dog breeds. Jordin doesn’t know a lot about them, but she loves their big, thick fur coats. Kelsey was thinking of getting a husky, but she is a little apprehensive. They are a lot of work. They are known as escape artists and need lots of company. They also shed a lot!

They can just be mischievous and difficult. They need lots of exercise. They are a lot of work, but they are amazing! Jordin agrees. She says Kelsey can take the huskies dog sledding! Kelsey loves dog sledding. Jordin asks if Kelsey has done dog sledding. Kelsey says not yet, but she will. Jordin says Kelsey will get a big pack of huskies to go dog sledding with her! Kelsey says she will only get one.

What is your favorite dog breed? Would you go dog sledding with a husky?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my favorite breed of dogs is persian mastiff or sarabi. It,s a rare breed with strong body. You can find it in the north of IRAN. One of them can defeat a wolf or IRanian brown beer. for more info you can click here:


05:28 AM Jul 24 2017 |

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 Oh, my favorite dog is golden retriever if one must have a favorite dog. (I don’t like keeping a dog. )


   I prefer a golden retriever to a Siberian husky which looks a bit fierce and difficult to deal with.

   My roommate had ever kept a big retriever about ten years ago. She liked many dogs and kept many kinds of dogs ,such as small Pomeranians, big  huskies,  collies, and so on. She liked the golden retrievers most which was kept  from its birth by her always.

   During that time when I rent a house with her , I usually went out walking with the golden retriever . it need to be taken out for shitting every day . when she was busy and no time, I did this job.

  The golden retriever named “mao mao” was very cute and obedient and gentle. Even it understand what I said sometime. it liked eating pudding ice cream in summer.

  Usually I liked taking it to play pingpong ball ( the tennis table ball) . I could buy it a pudding ice cream , let it waiting me while I was playing the ball.  It could be eating a pudding ice cream which I or my playmates bought it , lying down near where I was playing the ball, very obediently, waiting me.  So, in several days, all who were playing the tennis ball with me had liked it.

  Oh, so long time ago the memory is.



03:06 AM Jul 24 2017 |


ola3Super Member!


I think huskies are similar in breed Akita that doesn’t bark as well, but can be very stubborn and should be well trained. Both dogs shouldn’t be left with small children, cats alone. The hunting instinct will prevail. Don’t blame the dog. Anyway, well trained, will be your buddy forever. Remember Hachiko, a dog in Japan, how loyal he was…
As for the sleigh ride, I probably won’t go. I know huskies are very active and need exercise, but I’d rather run along since I need exercise too :))))

09:46 AM Jul 22 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I don’t have a favorite breed of dogs, however, I do love big dogs!

I’d simply love to go dog sledding with a big pack of huskies, it would be such a nice experience to me!

I’d love to share a nice picture of my dog here, but, somewhat, it’s not working!

07:38 PM Jul 21 2017 |

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