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Celebrity-Celebrity Crushes
Celebrity-Celebrity Crushes

Learn English meaning of ‘Celebrity-Celebrity Crushes’

Date: Jul 21 2017

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Who doesn’t have a celebrity crush? Celebrities are usually very attractive, talented, and glamorous. But normies, normal people, may admire them too much and take their crush too far. They might become stalkery. One time, a fan of Taylor Swift swam to her private island to meet her! Although crushes can be flattering, this obsessive behavior can be threatening, creepy, and invasive.

But what about celebrity-celebrity crushes? We expect normal people to have celebrity crushes. What about when celebrities love… each other? Jim Carrey made a confession to Emma Stone in a YouTube video. He said he loved her and wanted a family with her. But they don’t know each other! Some people said the confession was creepy. They say he crossed the line.

Romeo asks where Dominique stands on celebrity-celebrity crushes. Listen as they discuss in today’s English lesson.


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Romeo:  Dom, I’ve got to ask you this. I just have to know because I already know where you stand on celebrity crushes. But what are your thoughts on celebrity-celebrity crushes?

Dominique:  That is so freaking creepy. It’s kind of like stalkery status!

Romeo:  So then, you did see the Jim Carrey confession to Emma Stone?

Dominique:  That was so disturbing. It kind of just freaked me out.

Romeo:  Do you think he went like too far? Or is it just like that fact that he even had feelings for her strange?

Dominique:  If I was Emma Stone, I would have already called the police and filed one of those, like, restraining orders because that kind of crossed the line.

Romeo:  Yeah.

Dominique:  This is why a lot of celebrities date normies. I mean, normal people.

Romeo:  Yeah. What? I’ve never heard of that.

Dominique:  Normies. Us. We’re not celebrities.

Romeo:  Oh, right. Maybe, you’re not, how do you know I’m not a celebrity?

Dominique:  You’re here with me now. I’m just saying.

Romeo:  I’m just saying, if I was a celebrity, I feel like it would be cool if I was with another celebrity. I feel like we would have a lot in common, you know, always on the road. I think that would be normal.

Dominique:  Yeah but you wouldn’t fan girl out. It’s just creepy. ‘I want to have your babies!’

Romeo:  Right, yeah. That was kind of awkward.

Dominique:  No.

Romeo:  He called her freckle-faced.

Dominique:  No. It’s just wrong on so many levels. As if.

Romeo:  And ginger. Isn’t that kind of degrading?

Dominique:  I don’t know, ask my uncle.


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Romeo knows where Dominique stands on celebrity crushes. He asks what she thinks about celebrity-celebrity crushes. She says it is really creepy, like kind of stalkery status! Romeo asks if she saw Jim Carrey’s love confession to Emma Stone. Dominique did, and she thought that it was very disturbing. Romeo wonders if she is creeped out because he went too far. Or was it strange that he even had feelings for her?

Dominique says if she were Emma Stone, she would call the police and file one of those restraining orders. Jim Carrey crossed the line. Dominique says that celebrities should date normies, normal people who are not celebrities. Romeo thinks it would be kind of cool to be a celebrity and date a celebrity. They would have a lot in common. Dominique agrees, but Romeo wouldn’t fan girl out like Jim Carrey!

What do you think of celebrity-celebrity crushes? If you were a celebrity, would you date another celebrity?



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I don’t know ,I’ve never thought about this but yeah I agree it’s kinda creepy and uncomfrotable

09:19 PM Jul 23 2017 |


VOLTSSuper Member!


really creepy… but works very well with tom cruise and katie holmes… maybe jim carrey got inspired by cruise… :)

02:18 AM Jul 23 2017 |


ola3Super Member!


I think, celebrities are the same normies but a little bit spoiled with money. So what stops them from real genuine feelings and have a crush on somebody like it is with Jim Carrie. I hope he’s not kidding. Because his confession was in his style mixed with humour and due to his movies , you can’t take him serious. But if really, his heart is broken, you can’t help but feel sorry for him. The heart wants what it wants.

12:40 AM Jul 21 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


In my opinion celebrity-celebrity crushes are as normal as any other kind of crush!

If I were a celebrity and I wanted to date another celebrity, I don’t think it would cross any line, although, I am anormie and I wouldn’t like to date a celebrity person!

Imagine how many people would be stalking my then-girlfriend!

It would be really creepy!

02:35 PM Jul 20 2017 |

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