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Dating a Coworker
Dating a Coworker

Learn English meaning of ‘dating a coworker’

Date: Jul 26 2017

Themes: Romance, Work

Grammar: There, Their & They're


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Office romance. Dating coworkers. These situations are very common. Research shows that we find people we see very often more attractive. And we see our coworkers a lot! Some people may see their coworkers every day during the week. If they work full time, that’s 40 hours of being around the same people. It is easy to see why dating a coworker is appealing. It can be very convenient and fun.

But not all office romances are like Jim and Pam from The Office. Many say they are doomed to fail. Gossip and rumors start to spread. Maybe, at the beginning, one finds their office crush completely adorable. But then they start dating, and things go badly. Tension builds while they’re at work. Then, things get awkward. Now, they see each other every day, and that’s not a good thing.

Andy is thinking about asking his coworker on a date. Listen as he gives Dominique the scoop in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  Hey Dominique. I got to ask you a private question.

Dominique:  Go for it.

Andy_H:  So. There is this person in my office, and I think they’re really adorable, and I want to ask them on a date. But, I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do.

Dominique:  OK, first of all, it’s not me, right?

Andy_H:  No. No!

Dominique:  OK. Alright. Um, I would say go for it, but what if you guys break up? It’s going to get pretty awkward.

Andy_H:  I know! I mean, office romances can go either way. And I just really don’t want gossip or rumors to start, you know, spreading around the office. Especially if it’s the other person. Like, if people say stuff about me, that’s fine, I can deal with tension. I just don’t want to make their work experience harder.

Dominique:  Or you could just tell people right away so there is no weird situation going on. You can’t gossip about something if everybody knows.

Andy_H:  That’s true. But then if it’s doomed to fail from the start…But no, that’s no way to think about these things. If I’m going to do this, I need to have a good, positive attitude!

Dominique:  Well, just make sure you’re not picking someone that’s petty because if it was me and we broke up, I would make your life hell at work. I’m just saying.

Andy_H:  …OK.

Dominique:  To the point that you probably wouldn’t want to work there anymore.

Andy_H:  OK, just so we’re clear, definitely not you.


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Andy wants to ask Dominique a private question. He thinks one of his coworkers is really adorable and wants to ask her on a date. He’s just not sure if it’s the right thing to do. Dominique asks him if she is his office crush. Andy laughs and says no. Dominique says that he should go for it, then. But what if Andy and she break up? Would that be awkward? Andy says that office romances can go either way.

Gossip and rumors can spread. He doesn’t mind if people talk about him, he just doesn’t want his office crush to suffer. Dominique says that he could be honest and tell everyone right away. Gossip can’t spread if everyone knows. Andy is worried that it’s doomed to fail from the start, anyways. Dominique says that, as long as they’re not petty, he’ll be fine. If it were her and they broke up, she would make his life hell at work.

What do you think of dating a coworker? If you liked a coworker, would you go for it?



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I don’t think it’s a great idea! Most part of times you and the other person who works with you will have to experience too much bad things together, and it isn’t all the offices that allow it to happen too!

If I liked a coworker maybe I would go for it, but I’m not 100% sure about it at all! hahaha

07:26 PM Jul 26 2017 |



United States

 Yes, I would like to go for it if I really admire them nothing can stop me from doing it, It is is a feeling that I can’t avoid no matter what happens next.

05:29 PM Jul 26 2017 |



Office romance would be really romantic, inspiring /encouraging /motivating both partners /coworkers in the same office – it takes two to tango. They might know each other very well, sharing the same work experience and enjoying a good company around. But, the other side of the medal would be jealousy or gossip.

09:23 AM Jul 26 2017 |



 It is no problem about dating a coworker if the two persons who are really love each other and they are sane enough to deal with emotion things.  from inside of my heart, if the love is real, it should not be limited the dating one whether is his or her coworker or not.

   But in real life, the office romance is usually doomed to fail.  The reason as follow:

  1, everyone is not perfect.

  2, everyone is not sane enough.

  3, not every love has a happy ending.

  So , most of all company forbid the office romance.

  The result of the office romance , no matter how the office love is ended,  there must be one of them would leave the office or the work , or all of them leave. That will be affect the work seriously.

   In fact, there will be  extra problems if two persons who are in loving stay together for 24 hours every day after being passionate.


    No. if I liked a coworker, if I really like him, I could consider what’s the result firstly. And then according the result , I decide how should I do. 

03:21 AM Jul 26 2017 |

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