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Learn English meaning of ‘misophonia’

Date: Aug 02 2017

Themes: Friend, Health

Grammar: Tag Questions


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Everyone has their ticks. There is something that irritates everybody. Maybe, you hate large crowds of people. Maybe, you hate the smell of perfume. Maybe, you hate certain sounds. Do you hate the sounds of tapping pencils? What about the sound of heavy breathing? Or the sound of lips smacking while people are chewing? You may have something called misophonia.

Misophonia is the hatred of human sounds. People who have misophonia may feel stressed, irritated, or enraged by the sound of smacking, chewing, breathing, or yawning. They may feel that people making these sounds are rude and don’t have any manners. They may need therapy to get over their misophonia. Others may need to wear earbuds to block out the noises.

Romeo has misophonia. Listen as Andy and him talk it out in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Romeo! Yo, did you check out the game yesterday? Lebron killed it, man! What’s up? Are you cool man?

Romeo:  Uh, yes could you…?

Andy_H:  Could I what?

Romeo:  You’re smacking.

Andy_H:  I’m smacking?

Romeo:  You’re smacking your lips.

Andy_H:  Oh man! Oh man, I’m so sorry!

Romeo:  I can see you chewing right now.

Andy_H:  Oh, come on, man! Wait…

Romeo:  Did anybody ever teach you manners?

Andy_H:  Oh, hey. That’s not cool man.

Romeo:  I’m not trying to be rude. But it’s…

Andy_H:  Well, you’re being a little rude man. Wait do you…? No way, you have misophonia, don’t you?

Romeo:  Hey. Hey. I… You’re putting a title on me. And I don’t appreciate that.

Andy_H:  It’s cool!

Romeo:  The point is… I mean… I get goosebumps!

Andy_H:  OK, I don’t…

Romeo:  It’s just…

Andy_H:  OK, all right…

Romeo:  I get shivers down my spine!

Andy_H:  I didn’t mean to offend. I didn’t mean to offend, man.

Romeo:  It’s just the sounds, it just kind of sets me off.

Andy_H:  All right, it’s all good. I will stop eating, you know, loudly and all that.

Romeo:  Thank you.

Andy_H:  I don’t want you to like lose it or get angry at me, man. It’s all cool. But no, don’t worry, man. You don’t have to keep the heavy breathing

Romeo:  Argh! You know, like even when you talk. I can hear your breath as you talk.

Andy_H:  Oh, I’m sorry.

Romeo:  Rude! I’m trying to study for my test tomorrow!


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Andy is chewing loudly and asks Romeo if he saw the game. He sees Romeo is irritated. He asks if he’s cool. Romeo says he’s smacking his lips loudly while he’s chewing. Andy says he’s sorry. Romeo can see him chewing and asks if Andy ever learned his manners. Andy says that’s not cool! Romeo says he’s not trying to be rude, but loud chewing and smacking bothers him.

Andy asks Romeo if he has misophonia. Romeo says Andy is putting a title on him, and he doesn’t appreciate it. The point is, he gets goosebumps when he hears people chewing loudly. The sounds send shivers down his spine and sets him off. Andy says he’ll stop eating loudly. He doesn’t want Romeo to get angry or lose it. Romeo is irritated even by the breathing sounds Andy makes while he’s talking. He’s trying to study!

What irritates you the most? Do you know anyone who has misophonia?



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ola3Super Member!


What irritates me most. Sorry, but I don’t like when people fart in public. It’s disgusting. I don’t think I can be diagnized with misophonia after this :) Some people just don’t care, I wonder why they do this, it’s so offputting. 

02:53 PM Aug 03 2017 |


South Korea

yes i do. i know someone who has misophonia. that’s me.
i hate the sound that someone talks on the
phone. especially in the subway, bus and most of public spaces.
i always think like this. ‘why do people talk on the phone beside me?’
i know this is misophonia. because i’m not base station or antenna

01:31 PM Aug 02 2017 |

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  I can understand Romeo extremely .  I have the same feeling when I encountered the same situation .  and I have been suffered for a long time.

     There is a workmate who was sitting in front of me,  whose seat are close me in all my colleagues.  Now I hate this person very much and don’t want to say a word with him.

He has many tricks. The biggest tricks I can’t endure are drinking hot water and phoning .

Every morning ,he can pick up a cup of boiling water, and draw it with mouth  at once. Do you have the experiences of drinking the boiling water ? that will be a loud sound from mouth because of the burning hot.  I hate it extremely. Do you imagine that there was suddenly a loud sound from mouth because of the burning hot in the morning when all office was very quiet? Every day, every day. many times I wanted to throw something to him brutally or cruelly.

I become more and more hating this person.

Then he usually phone privately with loud voice in office at anytime in working time.  his tricks affected me seriously .

Now his voice irritates me easily. I don’t want to hear his voice no matter what is about.

whether do I have misophonia?

05:48 AM Aug 02 2017 |

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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


People listening to songs out loud in public places, it disturbs me a lot.

I don’t think so, I don’t like to put a title on people but some people get bored from nothing, so who knows, right? :D

09:54 AM Aug 01 2017 |

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