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Office Supplies
Office Supplies

Learn English meaning of ‘office supplies’

Date: Aug 14 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Work


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Office supplies are pretty amazing. Gone are the days of the boring yellow pencil. Today, pencils are magic! It’s easy to spend hours in the office supply store. These days, even duct tape is amazing. It comes in many colors, and you can even buy duct tape that has pictures of ducks. Going on a supply run is really fun, and nothing to get embarrassed about. Feel free to geek out over all the printers, pencils, and paper clips!


amazing v.


Example Michael Jordan was amazing in the game tonight. He scored 55 points!

Example Michael Jordan was amazing in the game tonight. He scored 55 points!

duct tape n.


Example My dad is a mechanic, and he says duct tape can fix anything.

magic n.


Example I loved visiting England. The mystery and magic of the old castles was inspiring.

supply run n.


Example We ran out of paint and nails while building the shed, so we had to go on a supply run.

embarrass v.


Example My brother likes to embarrass me in front of my friends.

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When is the last time you had to buy office supplies? Do you get as excited about it as Jordin?


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In past I was as excited as Jordin every time I was buying some office supplies. Now I still like to do it, I mean buy those things, but I have already so many that I try little rehab :) Also good office supplies can cost.

I buy it when I need it and probably I bought something last month like pen or something. In my opinion these days when we use so much electronic devices we don’t need office supplies as often as we used to and this is one of reasons why they need to be attractive.

05:42 PM Aug 20 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I use to buy office supplies almost every week, as an English teacher I use this stuff too much!

In fact, I do like buying office supplies, I’m amazed by the variety of products they can offer us! <3

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10:50 AM Aug 16 2017 |



I bought two bottles of glue yesterday in supermarket.  I bought some small office supplies in the office supply store usually for its convenience and cheapness such as glue , paper clips, stapes and so on.  If I want to buy the bigger office supplies, I can buy them on internet for they can deliver things to my office so that I don’t need take them myself.


    No. I don’t have the feeling as Jordin in the office supply store.  I know there are many kinds of and varies of office supplies in store and so many kinds and varies that I can’t be countless and dazzled……if I don’t need them , I can’t go there to look at as Jordin….


02:03 AM Aug 14 2017 |

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