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Learn English meaning of ‘house-sitting’

Date: Sep 27 2017

Themes: Friend, Party

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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We all need to go away sometimes. And when we do, we leave behind our lives! We may have pets and need a pet sitter. We may need to leave the kids with a nanny. Sometimes, we may even need a house-sitter to look after our house. This protects your house from burglars and other possible intrusions. But… what if your house-sitter decides to throw a rager?

There are actually many funny movies about this: Someone leaves their mansion for the weekend, and the house-sitter tries to take advantage and throws a huge party for their friends. They use all their amenities. They may have a pool table, jacuzzi, foosball, or massage chairs. But usually, these movies end with someone breaking something. Having a party at someone’s house that is not yours can be very irresponsible… but fun.

Jordin wants to throw a party at the mansion she is house-sitting. Listen to what Dominique has to say in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jordin:  So, I’m house-sitting at this sweet mansion next week!

Dominique:  Oh, that’s cool.

Jordin:  Yeah, there’s a jacuzzi and it’s huge with all these bedrooms. They have a pool table.

Dominique:  Nice.

Jordin:  And foosball. It is so awesome. I think I’m going to throw a party one of the nights.

Dominique:  Oh my gosh, you shouldn’t.

Jordin:  What, why not?

Dominique:  I mean, that’s somebody else’s house. What if you break something?

Jordin:  Yeah, but dude, there are massage chairs!

Dominique:  For you!

Jordin:  No! For all of my friends.

Dominique:  Please, tell me you didn’t do this when you house-sat for me two weeks ago.

Jordin:  No… no, I didn’t!

Dominique:  Because I have cameras now.

Jordin:  Oh, well, I definitely did not do that!

Dominique:  You don’t want to take advantage of all their amenities. Shouldn’t you just spoil yourself and save them for you?

Jordin:  Well, yeah but I think it would be so fun to take advantage of having such an awesome, huge house and invite people over to have like a rager!

Dominique:  You’re a horrible person.

Jordin:  What? No, I’m not. Hey, I just think that… I don’t know, she said I could do whatever I want and use whatever I want. I really think she wouldn’t mind.

Dominique:  I think she meant, like, you could possibly use her shower…

Jordin:  She said I could have someone over! She was like ‘if you have a friend stay, here’s a bed they can use,’ so I think she would be totally chill with it!


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Jordin is going to house-sit for an awesome mansion. It has many bedrooms, a jacuzzi, pool table, and foosball. She is thinking of throwing a party there. Dominique thinks this is a bad idea. It is somebody else’s house, and if Jordin or one of her friends break something, she could be in big trouble. Jordin says there are massage chairs! Dominique says all these things are for Jordin to enjoy.

Jordin wants all of her friends to enjoy them, too! Dominique asks if Jordin threw a party when she house-sat for her two weeks ago. Jordin denies that she did. Dominique tells Jordin she has cameras now and warns her not to take advantage of their amenities. Jordin just thinks it would be so awesome to have a rager with all of her friends and thinks the people who own the house would be cool with it.

Have you house-sat before? Would a party at a mansion be fun?



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I haven’t house-sat before. I am with Dominique that it’s inappropriate to throw a party at someone else’s house unless the house owner agrees.

04:09 AM Oct 02 2017 |

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I had never house-sat before. It’s not very common in Portugal to do house-sitting with professionals. The majority of people here use close persons (trust friends or family) to avoid surprises. But it’s true, the unforeseen happens!!

A party at a mansion could be fun, for sure! You could have a lots of fun taking advantages of all the amenities of the house, while you’re hosting a rager!

01:44 PM Sep 27 2017 |

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