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Learn English meaning of ‘camels’

Date: Sep 13 2017

Themes: Friend, Travel

Grammar: Adjectives


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To each their own. That means, everyone likes what they like. They may have good reasons. They may have bad ones. Or, they may have no reasons at all! We all have very different tastes and preferences. For this reason, one person’s bucket list might be very different than yours. Maybe they have things like sight-seeing or travelling around the world. Others might want to do some very, very strange things like… riding a camel?

Camels are large animals with humps on their backs that live in deserts. Their humps actually protect them from extreme heat. They can drink 52 gallons of water in three minutes and live up to 40 or 50 years! Some consider them to be amazing and majestic. Others really, really hate them. They think they are stinky, awkward, and precarious. One might want to put ‘riding a camel’ on their bucket list. The other… might barf. To each their own.

Dominique can’t wait to ride a camel. Listen as Andy and Dominique talk it over in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dominique:  Andy, guess what?

Andy_H:  What?

Dominique:  I’m going to ride a camel!

Andy_H:  Arghhh!

Dominique:  Totally taking it off my bucket list.

Andy_H:  Good god! Why?!

Dominique:  I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to ride one ever since I’d seen Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City ride on one on her vacation.

Andy_H:  Barf! Come on, those things are smelly, grumpy, precarious, just disgusting beasts. First of all, who has humps?

Dominique:  Camels do. They’re such majestic and noble animals! I mean, come on, they’re so pretty.

Andy_H:  And stinky. And awkward. I mean, come on. If I wanted to like, you know, have that kind of experience, I would jump into a garbage can and wiggle around a little bit.

Dominique:  Hold on, are you telling me you don’t have a bucket list? And are you saying riding a camel is not on your bucket list?

Andy_H:  No! It’s not on my bucket list. Why would I want to put myself through that kind of agony?

Dominique:  To say that you did! You experienced a camel!

Andy_H:  And I don’t care! I like to have my animals be not humpy, not stinky, and not spitting all over the place. And also not walking at a snail’s pace! I mean, come on, give me a horse, a cheetah, or a whatever.

Dominique:  Oh my gosh! You’re so judgy!


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Dominique tells Andy she is going to ride a camel. It’s on her bucket list. Andy is shocked. Why does she want to ride a camel? She’s always wanted to ride one since she saw Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City ride a camel on her vacation. Andy says camels are gross, grumpy, and disgusting animals. I mean, what animal has humps?

Dominique thinks camels look majestic and beautiful. Andy thinks they are stinky and awkward. I mean, if he wanted to have a similar experience, he would jump into a garbage can and wiggle around a bit. Dominique asks if riding a camel is on Andy’s bucket list. Andy says absolutely not. I mean, maybe a horse or a cheetah. Anything but a camel.

Would you ride a camel? What’s on your bucket list?



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Arlinrat Aui


People have more bucket list of their own and difference on personality and life style

Just hopefuly we can take all of bucket list 

would you like to ride a buffolo or elephant in my country 

we have tourism about that

we welcome toThailand the land of smiling

Maybe my country will be your bucket list   


04:49 AM Oct 03 2017 |



I don’t anything on my bucket list for sure.

However, riding a camel sounds like an interesting experience.

03:40 AM Sep 19 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I already rode a camel before, it was fun, not that bad like Andy thinks it is.

I’m still working on my bucket list!!

11:33 PM Sep 13 2017 |



actually, I had made this before, here in Egypt we used when we were young to go on a  journey to Pyramids and riding a camel and it’s quite scary but I enjoyed this experience and there is no need to be on my bucket list. but if u want to add thing more precious to ur bucket list put ( visit Luxor and Aswan )in Egypt 

11:02 PM Sep 13 2017 |




First of all, I would have to go to Egipt , the piramids, the museum, bazaars and riding a camel to post the pic on facebook. On my bucket list it is  marked jumping off a plane. Would I dare ? hmmm….

06:28 PM Sep 13 2017 |



No, I wouldn’t. I prefer horse to camel.

I haven’t prepared my bucket list yet. But I think, I should do. 

02:17 PM Sep 13 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yeah sure. I think it would be great. I dont have a bucket list. I Just want to enjoy now and not to concern a bout future. 

09:53 AM Sep 13 2017 |



No. I don’t. I don’t like to ride any animals not cause of what reasons Andy said.  only because I think I respect them for they also have their lives as human.

Actually I haven’t thought about this question, bucket list.  I would thought it should be thought when I were very very old.  But now, let me think.

Why it is empty in my brain?

Travelling all over the world? Maybe it is.

 Got the certification public accountant. It must be in five years. 

06:13 AM Sep 13 2017 |




I would certainly ride a camel.  I am going to add it to my bucket list.  Another thing I have on my bucket list is going to Japan.  I hope I can go there some day. 

12:29 AM Sep 13 2017 |

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