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Edible Art
Edible Art

Learn English meaning of ‘feast for the eyes'

Date: Oct 11 2017

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Adjectives


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Sculptures can be a feast for the eyes. You can stand there and look at one sculpture for hours if it is interesting enough. They have been around a long time and are made of many different materials. They can be made of ice, ceramic, clay, concrete, steel… you name it. Now, sculptures are not just a feast for your eyes. They can be a feast for your stomach.

People have been making edible art sculptures from sugar or candy. These may be sea shells or people. The sculptures often look very beautiful. And you can eat them! Some people think this is a really cool idea. Other people think it is frivolous. Why make art and then have it destroyed? It seems like a very strange impulse.

Andy loves edible art sculptures. Listen as he gives Dominique the scoop in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Oh man, Dominique.

Dominique:  What’s up?

Andy_H:  I just ordered the coolest birthday present in the world.

Dominique:  What was it?

Andy_H:  It’s an edible art sculpture of my face.

Dominique:  Andy, why?

Andy_H:  Why not? I mean, yeah, it may be senseless, and frivolous, and cost way too much money. But I get to eat my own head for my birthday!

Dominique:  I don’t understand. Are you going to take a picture of it? Or like, I mean…

Andy_H:  I’m probably going to do a lot of, you know, social media trending... trying to like… we’ll figure something out. But it will be a feast for the eyes!

Dominique:  And then you’re just going to eat it?

Andy_H:  Well, yeah that’s the edible part of it.

Dominique:  Andy, how much was this?

Andy_H:  I am not at liberty to say but it was… I don’t know, I just had an impulse! I really like this artist…

Dominique:  Andy, I could have drew you a picture and bought you some candy. Was it that serious? I mean…

Andy_H:  OK, A, I can’t eat that picture and B, what candy? Exactly. Edible art of me. It’s awesome.


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Andy just ordered the “coolest birthday present in the world” for his birthday. Dominique asks what it is. He ordered an edible art sculpture of his face. Dominique asks why he would do that. Andy says he wants to eat his own face… for his birthday! Dominique doesn’t really understand why he did it. Andy doesn’t know exactly. But it will be a… “feast for the eyes”!

Dominique asks him if he’s just going to eat it. Andy says, well, yeah! Dominique asks him how much the sculpture cost. Andy is not at liberty to say… he just had an impulse to buy one. He really likes the artist who did it. Dominique doesn’t agree with his decision. She could have just bought him some candy and drawn a picture of him.

What do you think of edible art? Would you eat an edible art sculpture?

Both sentences are correct!
Adjectives can describe a noun and come before it, or they may follow a verb. In the first sentence, the adjective “scary” follows the verb “is.” In the second sentence, “scary” comes before the noun, “movie.”



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ml2000Super Member!


I think edible art is kinda cool if it tastes good and is beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful that not only is it delicious, but also a feast for your eyes? As a matter of fact many culinary chefs use a plate as a canvas and make beautiful edible art on it .

01:15 AM Apr 08 2018 |

mixinaSuper Member!


I could have drawn….

01:46 PM Oct 11 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

people In my country used to do something because that will be feast for the eye,s. I,m not agree with it. because if you do that it means  you live for other people and you pay attention to how people think about you. some of them doesn’t have money to eat something with good nutrition but they buy some thing because that will be feast for the eye,s. I,m sorry for this guy,s because they don,t know the worth of their life.


10:56 AM Oct 11 2017 |



Edible art is a feast for the yes, I agree!

I think that it really could bring additional fun to a party, or allow to surprise someone in a positive way (mainly kids) if we offer a birthday cake to someone inspired on a character\something that the person likes – I’m thinking for example on edible art of a Star Wars movie with Darth Vader or Jedi, seeing it at first place and then eating it could be very fun!

I’m at liberty to say that it can be awesome!

10:51 AM Oct 11 2017 |

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