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American Horror Story
American Horror Story

Learn English meaning of ‘American Horror Story’

Date: Nov 03 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Holidays, Pop Culture

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Are you into creepy things? Do ghost stories make you both excited and afraid? If you answered yes, then American Horror Story (AHS) might be one of your favorite TV shows. In the US, this scary show is on TV every fall, just in time for Halloween. It began in 2011, and each year, there is a new story. In the past, these narratives have been about haunted houses, vampires, witches, circuses, and other creepy classics.

If you’re not into it, then this show might be too scary for you. However, it is a top-notch TV show with great writing and excellent acting. This year, AHS is about cults. It tells the story of a group of people who dress as creepy clowns and do scary things. Many people are talking about the TV show online because this year’s story is also political.

Andy is really into AHS, but can he get Romeo to watch it with him? Find out in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Yo, Romeo! Are you ready for American Horror Story’s new season? It’s gonna be the cat’s pajamas!

Romeo:  You sound like a commercial right now.

Andy_H:  I bet I do…. Ah, it’s the greatest show to ever scare anybody. I mean, cults, creepy clowns, haunted houses, haunted hotels, vampires in haunted hotels. It’s just such an amazing, claustrophobic... ahhhh! I love it!

Romeo:  Claustrophobic… you love it…. OK! I’m gonna leave you with that. You can definitely have that show. There’re too many creepy clowns on this episode for me to…

Andy_H:  You’re not into it, are you?

Romeo:  … for me to get into it for sure… yeah.

Andy_H:  Are you into creepy clowns?

Romeo:  Not particularly.

Andy_H:  OK. I mean, they do have other classic narratives outside of just the creepy clown stereotype. I mean, if you like ghost stories, this is the show for you. So, just promise me… just one episode… you will watch it, just so you can see the characterization

Romeo:  OK.

Andy_H:  because they’ve got some top-notch writing on that show.

Romeo:  All right! For you, I’m gonna do that.

Andy_H:  My man!

Romeo:  I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna check it out… one episode. If I’m not digging it, I’m done.


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Andy is excited to watch season seven of American Horror Story. He asks Romeo if he is also excited, but Romeo isn’t very interested in scary TV shows. Andy describes many of the themes in AHS. There are haunted houses, creepy clowns, and vampires. Romeo just isn’t into it.

Andy tries to tell Romeo that there are other narratives in AHS, too. Many of them are classic ghost stories. He asks Romeo to watch just one episode with him. Romeo still doesn’t think he will like it. But because Andy is his friend, he agrees to watch one episode. If he doesn’t like it, he won’t watch any more.

Do you like ghost stories? What is your favorite scary story about?



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I love this tv show and it’s great they make exercises based on popular series. Learning is catchy this way :)

03:33 PM Nov 04 2017 |



Ghost stories aren’t really my favourite type. But Andy description catch me up and took my attention (top-notch writing, varied narratives…). I will try an episode too. Maybe I became fan of haunted houses, with vampiresclowns and other creepy creatures. Despite this, I love the classic Edward Scissorhand, an American Romance, horror, gothic, and fairy tale hybrid film!

10:17 AM Nov 03 2017 |

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