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Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner

Learn English meaning of ‘fidget spinner’

Date: Nov 24 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture


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Fidget spinners are the new must-have toy. The fidget spinner fad is a little out of control. Kids are very curious about these toys, and play with them in school. Teachers have been banning these toys from their classrooms. These toys are very tactile, and use ball bearings to spin, and spin, and spin. Once you start playing with fidget spinners, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever stop.


curious adj.


Example My dog is very curious about the TV. He always watches it - especially the show "Friends."

out of control expr.


Example This party is out of control. People are setting things on fire!

tactile adj.


Example My brother is a very tactile learner. He likes to pick things up and play with them.

ball bearing n.


Example In my mechanics class today, I learned that there is more than one type of ball bearing.

guarantee n.


Example I have a guarantee for their work. If we don’t like it, they will do it again.

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Have you ever played with a fidget spinner? Do you think they are fun or annoying?


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ola3Super Member!


My fav toy never collected dust since it was a purse with a little doll snuggly fitting in its plastic window, made in Germany :)_It was a very good quality bag for the kids to play with and I would never have traded it for the fidget spinner. We didn’t have cell phones and watched TV like half a hour a day. We made doll houses, sew, knit, draw and I don’t think such a simplistic thing like a fidget spinner would have made our day. Would have traded on a piece of fur and would have made a cute attire for a doll. But today is different era of gadgets and electronics. And the fidget spinner I think is a destressing solution like spin – and now what?! play another video game…

03:18 PM Nov 27 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I wouldn’t spend time playing with them. Are they really stress relieving?

02:54 PM Nov 24 2017 |

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