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Bowl Cuts
Bowl Cuts

Learn English meaning of ‘bowl cuts’

Date: Nov 20 2017

Themes: Fashion, Music

Grammar: Future in the Past


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What is the most atrocious haircut you have ever had? Was it a mullet? A pixie cut? Feathered? Crimped? Maybe, you liked sporting a perm? Or maybe, you decided you couldn’t afford a haircut, so you cut your own hair. And it was a complete catastrophe! But was it as bad as a bowl cut?

Bowl cuts have been around for many, many years. They became very popular in the 1960s when bands like The Monkees and The Beatles had bowl cuts. The bowl cut is a simple, short haircut. It looks like someone put a bowl on your head, and cut off all the hair hanging out below the bowl. Some people think the bowl cut is flattering, and it might be making a comeback.

Andy’s girlfriend wants to give Andy a bowl cut. Listen to find out what he thinks of that idea.


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Andy_H:  Hey, hey! We’re The Monkees! So, Romeo, I just finished watching some of The Monkees with my girlfriend, and she said that she would give me a bowl cut next time she was cutting my hair, and I just laughed. I mean, those things are atrocious. Talk about a social catastrophe.

Romeo:  Hey, those guys are making a comeback. They’re, like, on the runway and everything.

Andy_H:  The Monkees?

Romeo:  Yeah.

Andy_H:  Wait! Are they sporting bowl cuts still?

Romeo:  They are sporting the mushroom head.

Andy_H:  Oh, my gosh.

Romeo:  I don’t know if they call them bowl cuts anymore. Yes, you’re laughing now. You might find it to be childish, but…

Andy_H:  It’s completely childish! The reason you have a bowl cut is because you’re, like, a new parent and you can’t afford to cut your kid’s hair because they’re going to throw junk in it anyway. Why would you ever get a bowl cut?

Romeo:  Because, I guess, it’s flattering. Apparently, you’re girlfriend seems to think so. She wants to give you a cut.

Andy_H:  Well, I am going to have to say no. If she ever tries to take me up on that offer…I mean, look at my facial shape! You don’t want to put a mushroom on this.

Romeo:  Well, maybe she thinks it complements the rest of what you got going on…You know?

Andy_H:  She might have a point.


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Andy tells Romeo that he just finished watching The Monkees with his girlfriend. His girlfriend now wants to give him a bowl cut. Andy thinks that would be a social catastrophe. Romeo tells Andy that The Monkees are making a comeback, and they are still sporting bowl cuts. Romeo thinks the bowl cut looks like a mushroom head.

Andy says bowl cuts are very childish. Only young kids have bowl cuts! Romeo points out that sometimes they are flattering. Andy’s girlfriend seems to think so, since she wants to give one to Andy. Andy thinks the mushroom head would look terrible on him. Romeo suggests that maybe Andy’s girlfriend thinks it will complement the rest of what Andy’s got going on.

Have you ever had a bowl cut? Do you think they are atrocious or flattering?



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ola3Super Member!


This is the only haircut I can do:) That’s why my sons run away from me. 

06:55 PM Nov 28 2017 |




Bowl cut is weird. The hairsyles changed on purpose.

Despite of that, I understand that several people like bowl cut, we are different. Beauty is so subjective.

08:14 AM Nov 21 2017 |


United States

I had this haircut as well! In fact everyone at best essay writing service had this haircut!

11:30 AM Nov 20 2017 |



Yes! In my childhood I had a bowl cut inspired in some friends haircuts! I think it looks flattering on a child not in an adult! Personally I think that this haircuts aren’t making a comeback.

09:34 AM Nov 20 2017 |

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